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Community has to play the central and crucial role in planning ,working and monitoring its health!

Comment: Primary Health Care: Back to the Future? (1)

Dr. Rajesh Gopal, India


[Mods note: The posting below is the first response to a perspective piece on the World Health Report 2008. Read the original posting and find links to the report here:]


Dear SEA-AIDS members,

I was at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva in… Continue

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Impediments in access to quality STI care services by the MSM and TG communities

The post below available at SEA AIDS e- forum(slightly modified) is in response to a recent consultation report from the September 2008 meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its United Nations (UN) partners in Geneva. The report speaks to the urgent need to address the emerging and remerging HIV and STI epidemics among MSM and transgender people.

Access the full report here:

Read the executive summary of… Continue

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Malaria Control, Community Systems Strengthening and Community-owned response - Geneva Meeting: 23-25 March 2009

Malaria-control_CSS_community-owned-response_GF9_guidelines_0904 _2_[1].pdfFortunately, I was part of the above Malaria Community-owned response consultative meeting in Geneva. The purpose of the meeting was to provide guidelines on Community Systems Strengthening and malaria control best practices for all involved the development, evaluation and eventual implementation of Round 9 Global Fund malaria… Continue

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Parliament Members' Participation in national HIV AIDS response


My name is Ari, from Indonesia. As you may aware of, people in my country have just voted in the Election Day to elect legislative/parliament members, at national and sub-national levels. We will have another election to vote for the next President of this country in July 09.

There is a concern, and also hope, from the HIV AIDS Community in Indonesia related to this situation. From our experiences, new government and parliament means that new approaches need to be… Continue

Added by Ari Yahya Pratama on April 13, 2009 at 12:07pm — 3 Comments

thank you, merci, dank je, salamat, gracias: the art of gratitude

How do we say ‘thank you’ in a profound way? A way that connects us on a deeper level, by which we can learn and improve ourselves. I saw an inspiring lecture of Marchall Rosenberg, the founder of ‘Non Violent Communication’, were he explained the key to express our gratitude. We can also use these steps to express what we appreciate in communities we visit.

Marchall explained that at one of his workshops, a… Continue

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Belgium and AIDS: a little modesty, please.

Friends, the Belgian Parliament condemned the Pope Benedict's declarations while he was en route to Cameroon. I wrote the column below, which was published in La Libre Belgique.Here is an English translation, thanks to Rebeka and… Continue

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La Belgique et le SIDA : un peu de modestie, s’il vous plaît.

En prétendant donner une leçon au Pape Benoît XVI, le parlement fédéral belge emboîte le pas aux réactions d’une rare virulence à la deuxième moitié de la troisième partie de sa brève allocution. Le pape serait-il autiste ? Préfèrerait-il la mort à la vie ? Traînons ce pontife devant les tribunaux pour non-assistance à personne en danger ! Rappelons notre ambassadeur !

C’est vrai que le pape a dit que le préservatif pouvait avoir un impact négatif. Evidemment, c’est faux dans les… Continue

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Kitchen Garden is one of the best activities of PLHA

People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) require an additional 20-30% of nutrition food for their healthy living. Many of these PLWHA will be unable to afford this due to health, socio-economic and livelihood deprivations. Due to this cause most of the PLHA are suffering from the Opportunistic infections and sick. It is decreasing the confidence levels of PLHA and thereby increased the death rate in People Living with HIV/AIDS.

VMM is a voluntary organization working in HIV/AIDS sector… Continue

Added by Abraham Mutluri on April 6, 2009 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments


I'm working at "LENTERA ANAK PELANGI" we've founding by UNDP and the name of project is :


we try to reach children that of course still very young ( 0-12 years old ) in Jakarta who had born from PLWHA eventough they follow infected from their parents or not..

FYI, there is no organization yet that really focus on them..

as we all know..that… Continue

Added by Taufiq M.A. on April 2, 2009 at 8:08pm — 2 Comments


PERIODE: Du vendredi 13 au lundi 23 mars 2009

C’est pour la deuxième fois en moins de 12 mois que j’ai l’occasion de participer à un partage d’expériences avec Bel compétence et le moins qu’on puisse dire est que chacune des rencontres, chaque activité organisée me rappelle que je suis humain et j’ai encore beaucoup à apprendre des autres.


Ces 10 jours de partage ont eu comme activités principales la facilitation de l’autoévaluation de Bel compétence, la rencontre avec… Continue

Added by Ngabala Eric on April 2, 2009 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

“Solidarity brings happiness” - Buddhist way strengthens communities

Issue: There are many AIDS/HIV related organizations in Thailand. However, they operate their projects individually. Attempts were made in many areas to connect efforts between organizations. However, the connections were limited to only financial and human resources. The challenge therefore remains: how can we make each organization to virtually have one same goal, which will finally lead to the solutions for AIDS problems?

Description: Buddhism teaches its followers the importance… Continue

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SALT à Goma

j'aimerai raconter mon experience salt que j'ai vécu au Nord Kivu.

Mon travail consistait à former des relais communautaires vivant dans les camps de Goma à identifier les enfants souffrant d'handicap pour qu'ils puissent nous les référer.

la formation se déroule en une journée dans une des tentes prêtée par une des ONG partenaires. J'avais pu formé la médecin qui travaillait avec moi à la facilitation car le sujet du SIDA l'interessait vivement. Nous avons demandé aux dix… Continue

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Three Angels, three Places, Three stories

(A Story From Indonesia Support Visit)



Her name is Sirinate Piyajitpirat, we usually call her Snowy, her cool heart is like snow and always be the cooler in every situation. Her adultness is the only way we learned to be. Dont try to bother her, coz she will make u freeze in a minute by her cool smile. She’s the expert one in the ACP, and she is the… Continue

Added by lulu on March 31, 2009 at 2:45pm — 8 Comments

Primary Health Care (PHC): Back to the Future?

PHC: Now more than ever. That is how WHO labels its 2008 report. Should we rejoice? Are we turning the page of the nineties, the decennium horribile during which only vertical thinking was authorized? Are we allowed to go horizontal again? For all of us who dedicated our professional lives to PHC during the seventies and the eighties, the temptation is great to rejoice and relax.

PHC however was conceptually flawed then, and it is still flawed now for one main reason: it… Continue

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side effect of ART (anti retroviral theraphy) : depression!

I'm taufiq..recovering addict and I'm infected!

from last 2 years ago I start take ARV medicine for reduce the virus is my body..


in my first week they all just give me not a big deal side effect for my body n soul..

in this past 2 years, I run my medicine for every day in my own fix time actually..

My CD-4 on my blood has already become growing up since I start eat the medicine...

I start… Continue

Added by Taufiq M.A. on March 30, 2009 at 9:44am — 5 Comments

I'm coming out

I want to share how I grew up because I want people to know so that, it would be beneficial to all of them. As an elder son I had a lot of responsibilities and unexpected burdens. Being an MSM this had doubled. I did not have the skills to handle them or address them. At that stage with my orientation, I took sex work as my profession. My sexuality and profession exposed to my friends and I saw their hardships, the exploitation and violence by local thugs, clients and the Police men. I also met… Continue

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Suriyon Sungkham (Thailand) Title: Monk became leader in AIDS prevention in Thailand. Recommendation: If all religious leaders take the lead in AIDS prevention, the people can live together in the co…

Suriyon Sungkham (Thailand)


Monk became leader in AIDS prevention in Thailand.


If all religious leaders take the lead in AIDS prevention, the people can live together in the community as human being.

Detail of experience:

วิถีชีวิตของพระสงฆ์ ต้องอาศัยชาวบ้านในเรื่องปัจจัยสี่ เรื่อง ที่อยู่อาศัย อาหาร เครื่องนุ่งห่ม และยารักษาโรค ในขณะเดียวกันชาวบ้านเองก็อาศัยพระสงฆ์ในเรื่องของที่พึ่งทางจิตใจ

การรับบิณฑบาต คือ… Continue

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I am a Supermodel!

We were organizing young people as Peer Educators in urban poor communities in Metro Manila as part of the PRRM HIV/AIDS Prevention Project. At some point, we wanted to measure how far they have achieved in terms of peer education work. The challenge was to create an assessment tool that would be highly appropriate among gang members, young girls, young MSMs and sex workers. It was agreed that the tool would be self-defined, meaning the indicators for progress would come from our young… Continue

Added by Myrna A. Maglahus on March 25, 2009 at 1:53pm — 4 Comments

Sustained action in PNG after projects come to an end

This is Regina from Genoka settlement in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. Genoka is one of the most notorious settlements in the country. No NGO has entered before, mainly due to safety concerns. Only occasional volunteers distribute condoms. Genoka is now one of the exemplary communities striving for AIDS Competence. Former criminals turned into community facilitators, people take action on their concerns and Regina is making ‘bilungs’ (woven bags) and hats… Continue

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Starfish at Indonesia:

Weeks ago Laurence has sent us a format to update the status of National Facilitation Team (NFT) at Indonesia. What is the name of the NFT? How many members, how big it is? So on and so forth. This blog hopes and intents to reply her questions.

Formally ACP has put its first foot print in Indonesia in 2006. I believe long before that knowingly or unknowingly Indonesians were practicing SALT in their day to day lives. UNFPA embarked… Continue

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