A man as being on ARV for two half year because he was given a wrong result. Two weeks ago, we were in a community for Mobile HIV Counselling and Testing, a man was tested negative. After given him the Non reactive result, he ask of a reconfirmation of the test. i then use a Stak Pak to confirm the result and the result was still negative.

He started crying and then shared on is story; in 2008, he was down with fever, after taking some anti-malaria drug, he was still down with the fever. He was later went for an HIV test and after the test, it was reactive (positive).

He confessed almost commiting suicide, if not for the intervention of friends. He was passing through the street, we he saw our stand and decided to come for the HIV test and he was tested non reative (Negative).

We then ask him to run another in a government general hospital. He called back after 3weeks to thanks us, because his result was confirmed negative at the government general hospital.

sometime, the lab technicians make mistake when giving result, they need to be patience and careful.



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Comment by Nadine Rubango on June 6, 2011 at 7:42pm

As a formal consellor on HIV test, I believe that labo technicians are very very carreful because HIV/aids its a sensitive issue. Before taking ARV I am sure that he did a special exam wicht can give him acces on HIV traitement.

Maybe they didn't use a specific test for this wrong result.

ARV traitement can lower HIV.

If what he said was true, congratulation to the test team witch stimulated him by doing their mobile test.

Comment by Autry Haynes on June 5, 2011 at 6:40am
Wow! A really heartening experience Ukeme. Thanks for sharing. I agree that technicians need to be VERY careful. Image what could have happened if it were not for humane friends. They show concern, empathy, love. Can we? What a difference these qualities make in our work.


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