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Our strengths....

SALT activity was done by Avani organization with Adolescent Girls in Vashi village in which Anganwadi workers and small children along with Adolescent Girls were also included.

Initially it was decided to play a small game with the adolescent girls. But along with…


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We are not less than anyone......

SALT Activity was taken by Avni Sanstha with women in Vashi village, in which 7 women were involved.

 In the beginning, we introduced ourselves by asking name, mother's name and what everyone likes to eat. After asking the questions, everyone was a little flustered but happily introduced themselves. After a short conversation, we asked to…


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Change will start with us.....!

Avani Sanstha conducted SALT activity with women in Vashi village, in which 10 women participated.

First of all, we all got our identity done, in which everyone told his name and about themselves. All the present women are used to work in the field and at home to earn their living. That's why I started SALT in a slightly different way. A short…


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SALT ने मेरी जिंदगी मी स्वाद ला दिया..

SALT के माध्यम से हमें अपने लिए भी बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिला। जब हम SALT की शुरुवात करते  हैं, तो वह व्यक्ति हमसे खुलकर बात करता है, और वह हमें कुछ ऐसा बताता है जिसे किसी के साथ साझा नहीं किया गया है। कहानी अक्सर बहुत भावुक कर देने वाली होती है। हर व्यक्ति की अपनी अलग कहानी होती है। कुछ अपनी कहानी सुनाते समय उनकी आंखों में आंसू भी आ जाते हैं क्योंकि यह उनके जीवन का बहुत ही मार्मिक क्षण होता है। उस एक घटना ने उनकी जिंदगी बदल दी। और इसके साथ ही…


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SALT creates a space for discussion

Subrata and I work as field facilitators with NGO Purnata in India on the issue of Trafficking.

One 27 September 2022, we decided to do a Discussion program through SALT method in Akharpur, Daspara , Basirhat, 24 North Pargana, West Bengal.

We often have meetings with adolescent girls but girls are shy and do not open up. They listen quietly to us. But through SALT process, we have changed our strategy to reduce talking ourselves and provide space to the community members to…


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SALT Brought Flavour To My Life

Through SALT, we got to learn a lot for own ourselves too. When we facilitate a salt conversation, the person talks to us openly, and he or she tells us something that has not been shared with anyone. The story is often very emotional. Every person has his or her own different story. Some also have tears in their eyes while narrating their…


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Difference between Gender equality Model and SALT

In 2019, we started the Gender Equality project in schools and slum areas in Kolhapur. We decided to work on the issue of gender equality after consultation with Gov, We received Gender Equality training from ECF.  Then we started working with children in school. We used to conduct Gender Equality modules in schools. We found it easy to work in schools with children, but working in slum areas seemed a bit difficult.…


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Community life competence process @Nandwal

The Gender Equality program was conducted in schools by Avani Sanstha, but after that we realised that change will not happen if we just work with children, it is very important to work with their families as well, for this we adopted Community life competence process (CLCP) and SALT and started working in the…


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SALTY connections in Botswana

"Ramotswa was the breeding ground for SALT and its inevitable spontaneous transfer in the South-East District and beyond.” Those of you who have read the successful series, Ladies no. 1 Detective Agency will be familiar with the name. So where is Ramotswa?

Ramotswa is a village 20 km from the Gabarone, the capital of Botswana. I am currently posted there as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana. Peace Corps is a Global Volunteer Service Program of the US Government. I am…


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The journey of 'paradigm shift' towards climate resilience

Progressing from the envisioning session: ....residence of Mainstay / Whyaka #CFLI were engaged in a three-day event specifically on climate change and shade house as one mitigation effort.

The initial…


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Village celebrates improvement in immunisation and use of water filters

This was shared by SALT facilitator, Baharul Islam, from C-NES, Assam on 28/12/2018

Re-self assessment of their dream by community group from Kerkhabari village of Bongaigaon district, Assam where it was seen that they were able to reach the target planned during the first phase of SALT intervention from…


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School Management committee responds to contaminated drinking water

The project with behaviour change approach rooted in community ownership took place in 2 phases between April 2017 and Feb 2020.A story from Village Kanara, Bongaigaon district which was carried out by Centre of North East Studies and Policy Research (C-NES) A short audio-visual on the project made after one year by the implementing organisations…


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Results from the Online Triad Training August - September 2022 ... Résultats de la triade en formation SALT-CLCP en ligne, août - septembre 2022

(en français ci-dessous)

It has been my pleasure to facilitate the online blended learning programme of The Constellation this August and September. Nicholas Walsh, Fariha Parvaiz and Céline Barriere, three participants from three different countries, background and age came together for the duration of seven online training sessions. Even though our time was limited,…


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During one of our numerous virtual meetings with one of the grantees, we reached a point where we could not technically connect online with some community right holders who are far away from western Kenya. We hurriedly planned for a face to face meeting to be ready for the ‘global development of the practices’ meeting which was to take place the following week. Part of the preparation was devoted to work on our logistical requirements. After timely support from The Constellation through Link…


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Building climate resilience in Mainstay / Whyaka indigenous village

The Canada Fund for Local Initiative [CFLI] operated through the Canadian High Commission in Guyana is a top-down initiative intended to stimulate a bottom-up response of communities.  The REAL change however relies on how communities are stimulated to national and international commitment of provision of resources, human capital and financial. Herein lies the opportunity. How can communities, and in…


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Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. VIII values Community Role in Rural Development

I am a Visiting Instructor of PhD Technology Management at SLSU Main Campus - Sogod, So. Leyte and Administrative Officer V at DOST Regional Office No.VIII. The office believes in the importance of the CLCP process in community development. The assistance given by our office to the community has an impact if we use CLCP as a tool in identifying the needs of the community.…


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We were trying to teach so much to the people who already know

( Cho Naga for Foundation, Cameroon is a part of Constellation’s Go Girl multi-country project since April 2021 on engaging communities particularly girls in prevention of teenage pregnancies. Read more about the project )

Doreen Bieri's team works…


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The worst thing you can do is give a sense of dependency

Sir Ratan Tata, shares his insights on the way forward with communities in India. Hearing him I could not help feel that this is what the world needs, not only India. I took some notes. Watch the video from 4:02 mins- 3 mins of your time!

1. The worst thing you can do to a country is to give everyone a sense of dependency on an outside force. You have to create sustainability that is…


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A Journey from Vulnerability to Strength!!

I handle the Operations of Purnata, West Bengal. I had an opportunity to initiate 2 SALT conversation this week. Both in the community. The discussion was very fruitful as we could share and also listen. This SALT conversation was between me and 22 year old youth. They were very happy that they could speak their heart out to someone who was willing to listen to their stories and appreciate them and not judging them.

It was indeed a refreshing conversation. I found a Lot of positivity in… Continue

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Contribution of SALT approach to address School drop out after COVID

Contribution of SALT approach to address School drop out after COVID 

Hi, I am Ujana Minj, SALT facilitator from Rural Aid, Alipurduar District, West Bengal, India.

In the children's group meeting at Dima tea garden, I and my colleague Pancham and got to know about a school dropout case. The boy said that he is eager to study, but his parents are busy with work and are not able to meet the school authorities.

We decided to conduct a SALT home visit to…


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