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The Rise Of The Eco Church

Hello all,

You might enjoy this new episode of the How To Build Community show... 

A growing number of churches in the UK are trying to show that the word 'gospel' means good news not just for people, but for the planet as well.

In this episode, we hear about the thousands of churches that have joined the 'Eco Church' scheme, and we learn how this scheme is impacting communities across the country:…


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After movie conversation at the Premiere of One of Us, World AIDS Day


The movie is available here:



David and Jessica: the movie makers (Visual…


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Sharing, connecting and learning during the online learning festival, Amsterdam

On Saturday 21st of November 2020 the SALT and CLCP facilitators training in Amsterdam was completed by an online learning festival. It was musically enlivened by Oed-player Alsharaa. A group of seven neighbours from the eastern district of Amsterdam shared their learnings with the guests of the festival, who were: Neighbours, people from other local organisations and a civil servant of the eastern district of Amsterdam.

Against the backdrop of corona, the training unexpectedly became…


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'How To Set Up A Community Health Programme'

Hi all,

We've just published a new episode of our 'How To Build Community' show at Arukah Network. 

In it, I speak with Arukah members TED LANKESTER, JUBIN VARGHESE and NATHAN GRILLS who have recently collaborated on the fourth edition of the book 'Setting Up Community Health Programmes in Low and Middle Income Settings'. They share stories and insights from the book.

It's published by Oxford University Press in association with Arukah Network, and you can buy a copy or…


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Liza and SALT: a mirror story

To meet Liza is to take the pulse of a story of transformation that begins in her, splashes on her family and impacts her vision of the world and her way of being an actress in it. For the full article, visit the cooperative blog of Belcompetence - Constellation Belgium:

“... from the moment the fogged glasses find a little light, you see things differently…


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How To Fail Well - An Expert's Guide

Hello all. Some of you might enjoy this new episode of Arukah Network's 'How To Build Community' show. It's an interview with the founder of the world's first ever 'Failure Consultancy'. She helps people and organisations to use failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, and in this interview she shares stories, tools and tips on "failing intelligently" in life / work / community.…


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"SALT helps me learn all the time!"

I have been part of the Family Planning (FP) Board in West Java Province and Bandung city to work on community empowerment of the family planning program. there are almost 2000 village-level groups established since 2016 with the objective to boost contraceptive use among women in reproductive members as well as cultivate the eight family functions among families in Indonesia. Using this village-level group, it is expected that families of the targeted groups become a member and benefited…


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How To Motivate Others - A Masterclass From Sierra Leone

Hi all. You might enjoy this new episode of the How To Build Community podcast and radio show:

Since 2018, DANIEL SARA TURAY has been running a huge volunteer project in his region of Sierra Leone. The aim: to build over 100 miles of roads and to connect villages that have never been connected by road before. To do this, he’s recruited hundreds of local people. He's been telling me how, and why.…


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From 'power' to 'trust' in philanthropic grantmaking

A growing trend and a positive one is to decentralise grantmaking, moving to participatory and flexible funding based on principles of trust. I found it very encouraging and want to share with members of this platform. These are my takeaways from LLC Webinar -Lessons in Leadership from the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project…


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Resolving Conflict: An Expert's Guide

Hello all. You might enjoy this new episode of the How To Build Community podcast and radio show. I speak with a mediator and conflict resolution expert from the USA. She tells me:

  • about her work with individuals in what’s known as ‘transformative mediation’.
  • how this approach can be scaled up to help communities resolve conflict
  • what mediation tools and techniques we can use in our own lives and communities
  • how, if we learn to disagree well,…

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Amsterdam SALT trainees gather inspiration during lockdown

“If I am not in the world simply to adapt to it, but rather transform it, and if it is not possible to change the world without a certain dream or vision for it, I must make use of every possibility there is not only to speak about my utopia, but also to engage in practices consistent with it.”     ― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Indignation


In small groups, the participants in the Amsterdam facilitators training organised three SALT visits to learn from…


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How the bees listen

Laura Simms had joined us for a Knowledge Fair in Assam where we brought the communities together to share and exchange. So when there was a presentation organised by Taos Institute on the Assam project and Knowledge Fair, Laura joined us. Here are our thoughts on the presentation sent to me by email. The title of the blog is from Laura. …


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Haiti, Enterprise and the Church

Hello all,

In this new episode of the How To Build Community show, I interview Haitian-born MARC-ROMIYR ANTOINE from the international NGO Tearfund.

Our conversation focuses on the role of local business and the local church in shaping the country's future, and eliminating poverty.

Click to listen: …


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SALT CLCP Case studies- Healthrise Project India

Kavita works as ASHA in Jotana SC, her home is 5 km away from the sub centre. Village Jotana is fallen under HealthRise X1 category in Block Jhadol. At home, they are a family of 5 members consisting of Kavita, her husband, her mother in law, father in law and son. Kavita was involved in I phase of HealthRise SALT activity. During that time she attended 2-3 SALT meetings. Later the project was closed. Now in transition grant, the outreach workers started coming to their village for SALT…


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Lock Down SALT field stories over the phone-CHAI Health Rise Project

Takhat Kunwar (Age53, F), member of Patient Support Group Gorana Village, Block-Jhadol, Udaipur Rajasthan shared her story over the phone in the COVID-19 Pandemic Lock Down. She told that "she is suffering from high blood pressure from past 4 years. This time she was the part of Health Rise Project. When base line done in August 19 at that time her BP was not normal. She measured 142/90 by out reach worker Pramila Purbia. She shared that she didn't take B.P. pills regular before the health…


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Change Makers in the community.

It is here worthwhile to share my experience as a social worker, who works with the community. 

COVID was once a CHOICE...of course a choice to become invulnerable...

 After seeing consecutive occurrence of disasters...surviving it, in the beginning phase...I may just tried to deny this.

 Who has expected a health hazard like COVID-19 could arrive us so early even when the fury of Cyclone Fani (in 2019) still alive in the coastal settlements of…


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SALT enabled community inner strengths to fight against COVID-19

Tribe key opinion leader make and sung a song on corona in their language- 14th April 20 is the first lock down ending date in the India. SALT enables community voices in this Pandemic situation across the world. How community leader takes responsibility shows this song that its our patriotism to fight against corona, we all should make social distance, check our temperature in the hospital, follow the Modi's Govt. rules in the lock down. Stay…


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Stories in times of corona.

Anisha, Ángela, Marina, Néstor, Mariona, Mohamed, Marta, Irene, Ayan, Noelia, Isabel and Gemma have already shared their story during their lockdown experience.

Their stories and others that are on the way are in this Youtube channel:

These videos are inspired by the Behind the Mask project with the intention to offer people in Spain a…


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