Population and Family Planning Competence - another learning from Indonesia

Dear All;


Last two weeks ago, IndoCompetence facilitated establishment of students center for information and counseling on population and family planning issues at West Java Province.  These issues remain are the newest program intervention from National Family Planning Board to have youngsters support to family planning program.  Moreover, this also a response to the 2010 Population Survey that indicated high un-meet need rate among population.  After almost two months discussion with Provincial Family Planning Board and some officers, they agreed to promote and establish the student center using CLCP approach.  And we made twice facilitation to two groups of students from six universities and collages at West Java Province.  It involved 60 students and four facilitators.

Personally I learn a lot from these process;

1. CLCP is really 'portable' for any kind of issues due to we as human concerning our better life.

2. CLCP strengthened permanent mechanism of youth center establishment and youths program in general at Provincial FP Board by simply introduce them CLCP tools (the officers were impressed particularly with SA framework, POA and SMoC template).  Close discussion with The Provincial FP Board makes me realize that it is such a challenge for government to now how far their program intervention went well or other way around.  I really pleased that CLCP could offer alternative solution to this challenge through the mentioned tools  

3.  I do really happy that IndoCompetence could open discussion on population and family planning, which is also new experience for me, which were very much unfamiliar to most of participants.  Stimulating questions was really helped me guiding this discussion.  At the end of the discussion, Jerry,a participant, resumed that information and acknowledgment on population and family planing among students is essential need and personal concern.

4. SALT as WoW and WoT were really eased facilitator team to stimulate concern, strength and realistic action plan among participants.  Further, I found some participants had already realize  that SALT is also applicable to their way live their life.  For me SALT is always make me feel young :) and enable me to connect and reconnect with anyone. 

5. Along with Population and FP Competence establishment, one of agreement with the Provincial FP Board,  I had opportunity to provide new CLCP facilitators media to develop their competency on facilitation and allow those who were interested to join IndoCompetence as learner and facilitator along with this government program.  At IndoCompetence's view point, it's simple smart facilitator recruitment since we have financial challenge to conduct workshop to recruit new facilitators.

6. I learn why we always draw dream at building dream session.  Why did't we just wrote it down.  I found it as another fruitful personal learning that I've been inspired with a fact that word creates worlds and picture inspires action.  And I feel so close to the dream that in the same time inspires me what to do in response to seize it .So I come to this milestone and personal cognizant why do we always dram our dream at CLCP mechanism.

7. We developed seven practices due to Population and FP Competence otherwise these are still general in term of population and FP substances.  Mostly the practices due to SALT as WoT and WoW.

7. I will have CAD 2011 supporters :)


I do really happy can share my personal learning.

Warmly from Indonesia



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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on June 12, 2011 at 12:41pm

Dear Wiwin,


Thanks for this posting. When I was in college I had contributed to research on a paper on Family planning and learned about the successful family planning programme in Indonesia and Bangladesh. Its heartening to learn how you and your team have used Community life competence to stimulate young people for family planning. Would you like to share the practices?


I am delighted to know about their interest in Community Action Day:-)





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