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Thanks to have reading ARH on ning. Even not much additional information ARH Competence has been improving in number of groups. Newly recruited facilitators and me keep promoting this. At Bandung West Java Province at least there are two schools and six universities that adopt ARH Competence. One project will be presented at the ICAAP as poster presentation. The issues also becoming wider. It's now dealing with youth competence (life skill education, English, proposal/abstract writing class, short documentary script writer. SALT/ARH also is used by school teacher to teach religious (Islam) to youth/students as alternative method of teaching. At university level, it becomes population and family planning competence as i shared last few weeks at ning. Happy to share with you. Perhaps my colleague, a local facilitator will add some more information and photo. @ Miss Venty kindly please add





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Comment by wiwin winarni on August 17, 2011 at 5:01pm

Dearest Rituu;


Based on our experience discussion among students on ARH related problem faced base students (unmarried pregnancy, free life style, drug and drunk) stimulate understanding on impact, effect and consequences into their teenage life.  Health and scientific information related to those ARH related problem mutually enrich and strengthened Islam's view toward this problem.  SALT is used to stimulate their knowledge and capacity to read Holy Quran, Prophet Mohammad's sentences and  other references books. Every opinions were respected and students were encouraging to have opinion, believe and procedure on those Islam values to avoid ARH related problem.

I found that previous facilitation agreed that knowledge on those ARH related information and problems are those who avoid students of being on trouble due to their RH and sexuality. Based on this facilitation we find that, in one hand, empirical knowledge and evident based information on ARH related information could bridge more inquiries and understanding of Islam's view on this matter.  On the other hand, this two school of thoughts also  are hand in hand develop students' better understanding on ARH competence, SALT as a method of learning Islam.





Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on August 17, 2011 at 4:16pm
Thanks Wiwin. How do you use SALT and ARH to teach Islam? I was just curious if you have been able to get different schools to exchange experiences. I fondly remember the Community Action day which was celebrated by ARH teachers last year.


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