What is your personal dream? Module 3:

What is your personal dream?

MY personal dream is to be able provide for the people I love in whatever way I possibly can. I dream of reaching out to the less fortunate, to the abused, to the depressed, to the heart broken, to the sick, to the people with low self-esteem, to the illiterate, to anyone who needs help and letting them know and letting them feel that it’s ok to accept who they are, that it’s ok to want positive change, and it’s ok to go after it and it’s ok to accept change and it’s ok to forgive.
In my 29 year and going I’ve come to realize that change can be something very difficult to do at times, you would want it, you might dream of it and you could crave it, but to make that first step could be one of the scarcest feeling and it’s at these times I wish, I dream, I hope that I can be with that individual to support them and help them and let them know that’s it’s ok to face the unknown.
I always say time has a way of changing things and when this change comes, it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your book of life and it’s for you to write your story.

Which of your strengths you could use in order to fulfill it?

I think one of my greatest strengths is my personality and the way I look at things. When I talk to people and hear their problems, concerns and pain I always look for the positive in any situation. I would say, “We all know there are advantages and disadvantages in everything, but let’s focus on the positive, on the good, and when that negative situation presents itself we will deal with it then and we’ll deal with it using our strengths”.
I learn from my mom at a very young age that my personality is very important, and how I can use it to help others. From the garbage collector, to my cab drivers, my colleagues, friends, family and a stranger sitting next to me in the airport I give my warm personality. So at any moment or any time they feel like wanting to express a personal problem or concern to someone, I always make it welcoming to approach me and when it do happens, I pray that my positive energy transfers to that individual along with positive hope.

Can you make it on your own? If not, who and what could help you?

Can I make it on my own to help everyone who needs help, NO, but I do try to help as much people around me as possible, and as best as I can. Sometimes I get overwhelm when there is not much I can do, but I also know that a pleasant smile, a hug, and good advise goes a long way.

Who and what can help me?
I love this SALT approach /process; I can’t help but say it over and over, and by using it I see what I love to do, worked, I see it help people, I see it help me understand things more clearly.
This process works best when you use it knowing that it can change lives and the individuals’ way of thinking and working. So when you use this process because you believe in it and what it can do rather than just another method of approach the results is magnificent.
So what can help is this same approach. I use it to reach my participants and anyone I can share it with, so they can be inspired and know how to identify their strengths and build their dream and go after it with their action plan and knowing where to start because they know which level they’re at and by identifying their priorities.
And who can help me are my colleagues, my fellow facilitators working with me, and we supporting each other and we all having the same enthusiasm using this process and believing and knowing that it changes lives and situations for the better.

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Comment by Tricia Francis on June 20, 2011 at 10:25am
Thank You Gaston :)
Comment by Gaston on June 20, 2011 at 8:03am

Thank you for your sharing Tricia. It shows you have really taken time to think critically about this SALT and why it's useful for you. I like how you refer to inspiration. Indeed an essential ingredient if we want communities to transfer their response. 



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