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Revisiting Our Family Dream

It was Easter Monday March 28th 2016 exactly 5 years 5months after my family and I did Our Family Dream.

We were, all, gathered to celebrate the Easter holiday enjoying some good food and quality time while the little ones played. I took this perfect opportunity to surprise them with this little activity where we revisit our Family Dream to assess ourselves on Where We Are and I was excited for the outcome.

I started off with an ice…


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Inspiration from Response

As the Constellation ventures into 2015, it is with sincere appreciation I am reflecting on the overwhelming response from all of you towards the Nomination of The Constellation for the 2014 Health Systems Social Media Awards.

It was truly inspiring; it offers hope for what the Constellation can achieve with our accumulative support to local response. Seeing the endorsements was great, but seeing that it came from all continents was so exciting! Showing that 'seeds of SALT'…


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What CLCP Gives Me

I see Community Life Competence Process as something so vast; one can use it in so many ways. I was speaking with my dear friend Rituu and I was telling her that besides the multiple benefits CLCP generates, what I love is that it is also very inspirational.

I said “the feeling I get when I think of what CLCP gives ME, it’s like reading that inspirational quote that just gives you hope;”

for example (“Every cloud has a silver lining”) or (“Behind every dark cloud, there is a…


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Why I choose to be SALTy in 2013!

Why I choose to be SALTy in 2013!

I believe to be SALTy is a choice you choose and I made mine a while ago.

To be honest when I first heard of the word SALT I was confused, it was at my first CLCP workshop and someone related a story that stayed with me, they said “I see SALT all around me every day, like yesterday I saw some kids fetching sand from the street into a yard, all of them had their buckets and they were working together and I said to myself, there it is,…


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CLCP Workshop with Students

Community Life Competence Workshop with Hinterland Students

I facilitated a three days’ workshop on Rights of the Child using the CLC process with some 40 students in a hinterland village and I learn so many things from these students.

These young Adults knew what they wanted to address, in our first exercise we did hopes and concerns and I never saw so many similar concerns all at once and when I saw it, I felt their passion towards these concerns.

Here is a bit of what…


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Community Action Day Activity 2011



Community Action Day 2011 SALT Activity


We started one hour late due to rain. The rain however did not damper our spirit. It was here, our Community Action Day activity.

I planned a SALT activity with my family,…


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Appreciating Strengths….

Appreciating Strengths….


Traditionally, mostly after the learning event, participants, on a blank page pasted on the back of their colleagues, write the strengths they have observed of that person over the period of their interaction.

But, it was done differently for the 28 participants of the recent community life competence learning event in Guyana in September.

On the morning of the final day, each participant was…


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"What exactly do you do?”


At this point I realized that the closest people in my life, the ones I love so dearly were far from something so dear to me, my job, my passion for SALT and at that exact moment I decided not only to explain what I did to the fullest but to have them experience it too.


 "Tricia, what exactly do you do?” And that was how it began, on a hot weekday afternoon in February 2011. I visited my eldest sister and my baby nephews, as I always do the day before I leave on one…


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Advantages and disadvantages in starting with a dream or a vision.


List the advantages and disadvantages in starting with a dream or a vision. Describe pros and cons.



Nervousness              –             This feeling is usually the first when ask to share your dream or vision.


Reluctance                –             During dream / vision building there are usually some individual/s who act this way.


Acceptance               –             There is always a…


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What is your personal dream? Module 3:

What is your personal dream?

MY personal dream is to be able provide for the people I love in whatever way I possibly can. I dream of reaching out to the less fortunate, to the abused, to the depressed, to the heart broken, to the sick, to the people with low self-esteem, to the illiterate, to anyone who needs help and letting them know and letting them feel that it’s ok to accept who they are, that it’s ok to want positive change, and it’s ok to go after it and it’s… Continue

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Guyana coaches T&T delegation in use of ‘Community Life Competence’

Guyana coaches T&T delegation in use of ‘Community Life Competence’ to fight HIV/ With UNAIDS intervention …

Written by…


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Dream Building Works!!!


Dream Building Works!!!


It’s been five years now since I was expose to facilitating and I facilitated many workshops and interacted with hundreds of people of all walks of life, sharing experiences, answering questions, giving and getting advises, basically communicating with the participants genuinely, honestly and informatively which contributed to successful and productive workshops. But it was not until September 26th 2010 that I experience an approach…


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Our Way Of Thinking (Module 2)


To what extend do you support local response?

I personally support Local Response greatly, because it allows one to see how ways of thinking are transformed. As a facilitator, it allows me to see in actuality how this process evolves, and how important it is for one to realize and support local response.

My own experience of local response in communities is that I saw them identify their own threats and strengths; then they were guided unknowingly, but willingly into…


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My Lesson on a Local Response Experience

I never realize how I could have observe or experience Local Response until I read the course module, I know it was there but never pay much attention on what it really meant.…


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My First SALT Visit

I had my first SALT visit a few days ago and I must say it was an extraordinary experience for me. My colleague and I went to Orealla in region six, one of the hinterland regions in my…


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The Constellation: who are we

The Constellation video, where we journey in less then 2 minutes from space, through nature, to villages, in homes and back while exploring what the Constellation stands for. Thank YOU for being part of it.


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