Why I choose to be SALTy in 2013!

I believe to be SALTy is a choice you choose and I made mine a while ago.

To be honest when I first heard of the word SALT I was confused, it was at my first CLCP workshop and someone related a story that stayed with me, they said “I see SALT all around me every day, like yesterday I saw some kids fetching sand from the street into a yard, all of them had their buckets and they were working together and I said to myself, there it is, SALT”.

To me it was a nice story of team work, but what I notice was how everyone else appreciated this story, you see they were previously introduce to the Community Life Competence Process.
But I wanted to see SALT everywhere too, I wanted to know what this SALT was and I wanted to give this story the SALT appreciation I saw. That night I went over and around trying to figure out SALT on my own but I got more confused.

So the next day I sought a better understanding on the word SALT and what I learnt was that SALT is an approach a Community Life Competence facilitator uses. It is how you choose to operate; you use SALT in your Way of Thinking and Way of Working and the story I heard was about an experience on Local Response. And this was my beginning of internalizing and consuming the Community Life Competence Process through Blended Learning.


The blended learning course was a great teacher to me; it taught me things that eventually changed my life; it taught me how to use SALT and to understand how Salt changes our way of thinking and way of working, it taught me to look at each other and relate to each other as Humans. I can recall playing Usa’s video over and over and understanding the difference between being that expert facilitator and a facilitator facilitating a process with a community and believing with them and accompanying them in their journey of being competent.

Then, here it comes my first introduction to the word SALTy was from Farellia while doing the Blended Learning Course, In Farellia’s introduction video after explaining how and why we should work as a SALT team, she then I said in a very sweet and encouraging voice “I hope you will be more SALTy after this module and see you in the next module”.
SALTY! why SALTY? So I asked my dear colleague for his guidance and he was very helpful with the help of blended learning also.


You see SALTy means Stimulate & Support, Appreciate, Listen & Learn, Transfer and ‘Y’ means you.
Being SALTY is a way of working and a way of thinking so whenever you use the approach SALT you are being SALTy because you are the one using it.

And you can make SALT your natural way of thinking and working and become SALTY naturally but it won’t happen automatically you have to work towards it and like every change it can be difficult but it could happen.

So I took Farellia’s advice and choose to be more SALTy :-) and I’m still striving to be SALTY and making it a level 5 and beyond where it’s a part of my natural way of thinking and working in 2013 and onwards. :-)

So if you are asking yourself how SALTY are you? you can play this game on saltiness :-)


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Comment by Farellia on January 7, 2013 at 2:32pm

Thanks for sharing, it's so nice. Your post is encouraging me to be and act more SALTy today and everyday in 2013 ♥

Comment by Tricia Francis on January 4, 2013 at 12:38am

:-) it sure is MariJo and you r welcome :-D


Comment by MariJo on January 3, 2013 at 6:52pm
Beautiful process towards SALTyness. The decision to act SALTY is in our hands all the time in an ongoing basis. Thank you for sharing your story, Tricia.


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