I see Community Life Competence Process as something so vast; one can use it in so many ways. I was speaking with my dear friend Rituu and I was telling her that besides the multiple benefits CLCP generates, what I love is that it is also very inspirational.

I said “the feeling I get when I think of what CLCP gives ME, it’s like reading that inspirational quote that just gives you hope;”

for example (“Every cloud has a silver lining”) or (“Behind every dark cloud, there is a rainbow.”) But the inspiration that CLCP gives me, goes beyond that quote, the feeling I get is realizing and knowing I can Draw MY OWN Rainbow However I WANT. And what that means to me is that it makes me see and realize where I am, but most importantly it gives me that clearer understanding and picture of where I would like to be and what steps I can take in achieving it. It's like a Map just guiding you over your own rainbow.

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Comment by khorchi laurie on August 21, 2014 at 3:50pm

Thank you Tricia for sharing what CLCP gave you! This post, make me realise that I should think more about this! What CLCP give me? and how this process and also the SALT way of working and or living change on my daily life?! Indeed, I really feel the difference between before and now, and I can say that every day I learn more and more to apply it not only in my work but also at home, and whith my friends, familly and relatives. 

As Rituu said, it's not easy to look at the strengths every time, our strengths and strengths in every situation or in everyone! I'm glad you post this article! It encourage me to think about what CLCP and SALT give me and also encourage me to continue applying this process to my life! 

Thank you very much!

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on August 5, 2014 at 7:04pm

Thanks for this post Tricia! May I add what CLC gives me? It encourages me to look at strengths in everyone. Its so hard, I fail all the time. When I come on Ning, I read the stories, when I talk to Constellation members, I am motivated again to be more appreciative, to learn from others in my attempt to move away from the expert mode.


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