At this point I realized that the closest people in my life, the ones I love so dearly were far from something so dear to me, my job, my passion for SALT and at that exact moment I decided not only to explain what I did to the fullest but to have them experience it too.


 "Tricia, what exactly do you do?” And that was how it began, on a hot weekday afternoon in February 2011. I visited my eldest sister and my baby nephews, as I always do the day before I leave on one of my many workshops to the hinterland. And that day it was very hot, so we decided to go outside in the back yard to get as much breeze as possible. As we sat on a wooden bench we spoke about many things like my trips, the kids, childhood and the usual sister chats, but I remembered we got silent and I was sitting back looking at the sky, when I heard my name called and it brought me back to where I was, it was the voice of my sister saying “Tricia, what exactly do you do?”


I was surprise at the question, it came out of the blues as people would say, and I guess it showed on my face because she immediately continued by saying “well, I know what you do! But, what is this dream building thing I heard you guys are doing now?” I smiled; I guess she was talking about what she had overheard when I was on the phone with my colleague, so I explained to her as best as I could, even though I had mentioned it to her before but not in detail. So I started with when I was first introduce to it and explaining that we are now using this process / activity in our workshops to engage Amerindian people to take ownership and responsibility for things that threaten their livelihood.

Then I said, “To me it’s more of an experience rather than an explanation,” and at this point I know she was wondering more about it, so I said “what about if I share some of what I do with you?” And she immediately said “yes!” That day I did three things with her, first was “What are your hopes and concerns?” then I did the “weather inside’ and finally “What fruit do you associate yourself with and why?” something I learned from my colleague Autry.


I have to say, it went well, and she was excited and wanted more! When her husband came home, she immediately said “Tricia ask Kelvin, ask Kelvin”, and so I did, but it did not end there, she wanted everyone to experience the little what she felt. And when my eldest nephew came home from school, it was his turn to share. She wanted me to ask him but I said, “don’t you want to ask him?” And she replied “NO! I want you to ask, I like how you ask it.”


Now it was time to go home, so she came with me for the drive and as soon as the cab pulled off, she said “Tricia ask Robert so I’ll hear what he says”, Robert our cab driver now had his turn to share with us, and when I got home she came in with me, so that I can ask my next sister and mom the three questions.

The next day she was still excited, so I told her, since my baby nephews are too young, one being two years and the other only eight months and since she is their mom and the best person to know their personalities, choose what fruit you associate them with. And as she did so, I discern the great thought that went into each answer and she was more emotional here.


 I enjoyed doing this little activity with my family and they enjoyed it too. I saw the concentration, the deep thought going into each answer and so I promise them to do the entire SALT activity with them one day. They ask several times after, when will it be? So in July, I decided I will do the activity for CAD 2011 so the whole family can be a part of the activity and we all decided to be available for that. And I smiled when I saw that Dr. Rafique had that same thought.


I believe if you really and truly understand SALT and believe in the outcomes of SALT you would want everyone to experience it, especially the ones you love and for that I will continue to use it.






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Comment by Michael Mc Garrell on August 29, 2011 at 9:59am
This is a great piece. Family is very important in how we function as an individual. I am happy that you will be doing it with the family for CAD. I am looking forward to more posts on this.. Cheers Tricia, keep SALTing the earth
Comment by Paula Sampson on August 27, 2011 at 12:28am
Hi Tricia,  I love what you shared and it is a joy to be able to identify with such a feeling.  There is so much more for us to experience and to share. 


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