Dream Building Works!!!


It’s been five years now since I was expose to facilitating and I facilitated many workshops and interacted with hundreds of people of all walks of life, sharing experiences, answering questions, giving and getting advises, basically communicating with the participants genuinely, honestly and informatively which contributed to successful and productive workshops. But it was not until September 26th 2010 that I experience an approach that not only works but inspires you greatly, I was introduced to Dream Building.

Since then we’ve been using it in our workshops and for each workshop I feel I’m experiencing dream building for the first time once again. I see the curiosity in the participants eyes when we mention the words “Dream Building” and I know what they are feeling because I felt that same way, I see their puzzling actions wanting to know what it is, wanting to ask what it is, but then again knowing that the words explain it clearly, but still they are puzzled and curious wondering what approach is this.

What I realize is that people usually don’t be asked to put their dreams on paper, after all it was not until late last year that I knew I could have put my own dreams on paper by myself, and I love to see others realize that their dreams, their imaginations, their life can be seen on paper and most importantly they realize that they are the ones making it visible and more real.

But now even though my Dream Building experiences feels all new once again, my curious and puzzling actions is just anticipation of what wonderful dreams my participants will have. And who would have known, putting your dreams on paper can make it come to life, it brings out a confident feeling that lets you know that you can achieve this dream.

It’s the first step on a wonderful journey to solving any solution in such a magical and inspiring way. IT'S DIFFERENT & IT WORKS!


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Comment by Gaston on April 1, 2011 at 10:38am

Thank you Tricia. I am happy to hear that it's helpful!


One thing I learned recently is that if people are really hesitant to draw their dream, we can ask them to write 5-10 statements about the community when it has reached its dream. Each statement starts with 'we' + a verb. Ideally it can be stated in a positive way, but this is not essential. For example, when we have reached our dream: 

We acknowledge all that [an issue] affects our community as a whole;

We accept all the members of the community for who they are;

etc. This reaches similar effects as drawing the dream for people who really don't want to draw. I love the drawing though :)


all the best. 

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on March 29, 2011 at 6:09am

Dear Tricia,


Thanks for your blog. I too find dream building brings about a whole new set of positive solutions one may not have previously discovered.  Would you like to share an example where this worked? Do you have any tips to share in facilitation of this tool?


I too wrote a blog on dream building. You can read it at http://aidscompetence.ning.com/profiles/blogs/what-can-a-dream-do-f...


You can even add tags to your blog post like dream, Guyana etc so that it can easily be searched and read by many more:-)


Warm regards,



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