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A dream unfulfilled...

Are sex workers not human beings or do we not consider them as human beings? We talk of gender, we have made reservations, in various services even at panchayat level (village local government) but can we understand the depth of their status? Are these not women or we have separated them from women's race?

National AIDS Control Organisation’s National AIDS Control Programme Phase 3 called for CBOs for these women. How many institutions created CBOs or focused on it.  While sex workers to some extent are responsible for this situation but so are we. We have not been able to reach out to them. Every person in the society sees these women with hatred? Isn’t that right? Did we encourage them to do something for themselves? Have we tried to bring them within the general community?

We just showed our achievement in numbers in reality but can we bring a change through numbers. Today no one has been able to take on the role of Raja Rammohan Roy (a historical leader who brought about social change).  Does anyone have an answer to why this did not happen. We always look at targets and numbers but which cannot effect a social change in the communities nor can reach out with essential service.  

Dr Rafique in EMPHASIS project through community life competence encouraged me and my team to see a dream. And I can say that to fulfill this dream project we are on our way to stimulate Nepali mobile population’s dream of setting up a CBO I think the first in Delhi. 

I will apply the same community life competence process in Targeted Intervention project for sex workers of my organisation Anchal.  Circumstances were different then and are different today too but if I am able to apply with sex workers it will be my tribute to my Guru Dr Rafique. The situation is not like Emphasis or Samraksha and neither do I have so much freedom but will try my best.

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Comment by rebeka sultana on June 15, 2011 at 12:29pm
Shangha mitra, your blog is inspiring, go and do what you've dreamed and planned, let show the world how love works, how a simple tool SALT can change our outlook, our looking glass and our critical minds. I look forward to know your journey on this. Best wishes/Rebeka


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