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Dare to know: the dream of Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant is a German philosopher who died more than 200 years ago. He taught us how we should seek to live our lives and I find that what he said then is relevant for how I live my life today.

Here is the dream of Immanuel Kant. It seems to me that he is talking about Local Response. And his dream is a dream for the Constellation. I shall carry it with me into 2014.

"Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed nonage. Nonage is the inability to use…

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Story Telling

The AAS (Aquatic Agriculture System) program final event for the 2013 was Knowledge Fair which was convened in Battambang province, Northwest of Cambodia. The Workshop aimed at bringing knowledge and experience for sharing and create new learning.

The workshop held for three days, the first two days were on exposure visit to a community after they have started to take steps of implementing community action plan, conduct overall After Action Review (AAR) of the whole process of…


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Happy New Year 2014

Happiest New Year 2014. Let's proactively and collaboratively look forward to achieve the 3 Zeros (New HIV Infections; Discrimination; and AIDS Patients). 

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Use of Community life Competence on Drinking water and Sanitation Project

Few  month earlier , I requested Mr. Kissan Gurung the administrator officer The Mountain Trust to provide me opportunity to work in its endeavor’s of helping people of rural Nepal.

Fortunately, they are working Drinking and Sanitation project in scatter settlement, which is situated southwest outskirts of Pokahara Valley. We went to visit at scatter settlement with the objective of sharing some information regarding good sanitation practices, which can help them to become health. I…


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The magic of "Appreciation"

“Appreciation is absolutely magical and has the power to transform our life." This energy can be harnessed by anyone to build trust, achieve success, happiness and fulfillment in every area of life: from work to family to health to aging and even in crisis.

Starting of any session, training, meetings,conversation etc. with feelings of humanity “humans” encourage a lot to feel we all are same and have equal rights. Addition of “Appreciation" helps to transform troubling…


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Moussa Sagara enseignant à Bandiagara Les élèves cotisent  pour réaliser des sketchs sur les IST, le VIH et le Sida en pays dogon. Les recettes proviennent des frais de possession de symboles (les él…

Moussa Sagara enseignant à Bandiagara

Les élèves cotisent  pour réaliser des sketchs sur les IST, le VIH et le Sida en pays dogon.

Les recettes proviennent des frais de possession de symboles (les élèves qui ont une mauvaise conduite à l'école sont sanctionnés par un symbole, sa remise à l'enseignant est monnayé par 10 F CFA, soit 0.015  euros). Ce symbole a une valeur d'apprentissage car elle évite au detenteur de…


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La riposte de commune rurale de Cinzana Gare (Mali) aux IST et le VIH/Response of rural municipality Cinzana Station (Mali) STIs and HIV


il s'agit d'une petite commune rurale à 50 km de la ville de Ségou (3ème région du Mali).

Un comité communal de lutte contre le sida a été formé par le projet Renforcement de l'initiative corridor de lutte contre les IST et le VI/Sida. La commune a élaboré son plan de réponse et l'a intégré dans le plan quinquennal de développement social économique et culturel (PDSEC). Les femmes ont mis en place une mutuelle de santé…


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SALT in our life / SALT в нашей жизни

In Ukrainian society today, many prejudices and stereotypes about different people. We do not like all those "other". I work in…

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Silent Transformation

This story comes the Global Learning Festival held in Chennai in 2012. It is told by Aniruddhan Vasudevan. You can find it and many other stories told at the Learning Festival at…


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Созвездие (Constellation)

Созвездие (Constellation) - международная организация, которая собирает различные сообщества по разным важным темам, таким, как ВИЧ, малярия, вопросы полового неравенства, необходимых санитарных условиях.

Русские субтитры предоставлены Doina Bolgari из Молдовы…


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Add SALT to address Stigma and Discrimination

Friday, 13 December 2013 :

I and my colleague gave an orientation on how to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. This of course required us to talk about HIV itself – as well as human rights, client rights…


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The power of the learning cycle

This was told to me by Ms. Charkaporn Pandontong of Ta Wang Tan in Ta Tum Sub-district, Pa Sang District, Lamphun, Thailand:

"When we did the Self Assessment 2 years ago, we found that for practices 1 and 3 (the first one about raising awareness and the third one is about linking care and prevention) our score was rather low. In the analysis we thought that this…


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Measuring your progress is a job for a team

This is a transcript of a video clip by Gaston  

In the video, he describes the community of Ta Wang Tan in northern Thailand:

"This is in northern Thailand in the province of Chiang Mai, a little community called Ta wang taan. This community has been using…


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“Community Life competency as my verve and life changing tool”

One year back on Saturday noon of December 1st, 2012   after attending a plenary session on “leadership and Governance in Action” at fourth National AIDS Conference I was in dilemma to select appropriate session. When I was browsing the pocket schedule of conference, the title “Community life Competency” attract my attention, which…


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Appreciating builds engagement and trust

Here are some guidelines on appreciating others:

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HIV testing begins to rise after CLC: M&E officer

Brief English translation

In this video, Yamuna Nayak, M&E officer CARE EMPHASIS project, Mumbai shares her experience of community life competence (CLC). India competence has been working with her team on community engagement in this project on cross-border migration and HIV.

Pre CLC scenario- Our team…


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10 Tips I find usefull to facilitate a Knowledge Fair

   One month ago I had the chance to be involve in my first knowledge fair in DRC, with Blaise Sedoh, Papa Bongo, Jean Baby, Philippe and Leopaul!

We had one week to get prepared to this huge event! Supported by Phill Forth we realise that this would not be an easy part of the cycle.

As we know, sharing experiences is a great…


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With gratitude

 Today, my last day as Facilitator Transfer in the Global Support Team (GST), I am reflecting on the wonderful people that make up our Constellation family. And to me, that’s exactly what it is – a family. Made up of brilliant and courageous people. It seems that when we come together in the Constellation, the best is brought out in us. What a joy it has been to be part of this.…


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CLC fosters ownership on HIV among women migrants

Here is a brief translation in English- 

Sanskruti Desais is project coordinator of Bangla speaking community under the Care India EMPHASIS project in Mumbai on cross-migration and HIV. In this video she elaborates on how after application of community life competence with Bangla speaking migrant women, the ownership on the issue of HIV has risen. She…


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