Use of Community life Competence on Drinking water and Sanitation Project

Few  month earlier , I requested Mr. Kissan Gurung the administrator officer The Mountain Trust to provide me opportunity to work in its endeavor’s of helping people of rural Nepal.

Fortunately, they are working Drinking and Sanitation project in scatter settlement, which is situated southwest outskirts of Pokahara Valley. We went to visit at scatter settlement with the objective of sharing some information regarding good sanitation practices, which can help them to become health. I went at community with one medical student, volunteer  from oxford university and program officer Ms. BandhanaAdhikari mountain trust . To be honest, I was not part during the planning of this program but they invited me to facilitate that program. 

As a CLC practitioner, I wanted to use CLC with this scatter settlement community so I discuss with my team member to use this approach and they agreed and information sharing transformed to SALT visit.   At first, my team members were confused but when I started facilitating applying SALT approach, the results were quite fascinating. To exemplify, one of the participants share her though that “the major health problems are because of the poor water quality and she was using “Sodis Process” tackle this problem  and also suggested to be implemented among with  other community members. In addition to this, as community member all participants perceived that open defecation is another cause for the health problems in their community. They want to do something about this problem and built latrine in their community. In this community  The Mountain Trust, was supporting  materials to built latrines and community people willing to act using their labor force to build it. I have not imagined that SALT approach is this powerful tool. Now I have total faith on CLC in its way of working. 

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