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 Today, my last day as Facilitator Transfer in the Global Support Team (GST), I am reflecting on the wonderful people that make up our Constellation family. And to me, that’s exactly what it is – a family. Made up of brilliant and courageous people. It seems that when we come together in the Constellation, the best is brought out in us. What a joy it has been to be part of this.

 As you may know, I am moving on to a new journey – the journey of motherhood. And I am so excited! I bring with me the lessons I have learned from visiting communities around the world. Lessons of SALT and Life Competence.

 The greatest lesson I learned from this role has been the value of the people around you. Team-work. When we come together, our combined energy and wisdom makes us unstoppable. The whole is most certainly worth more than the sum of it's parts!

I remember the handover with Gaston when I first started this role. He lovingly organised all the tools and equipment for Transfer and walked me through every component step by step. It was a brilliant foundation. It really took me many more months to understand and appreciate the role of Transfer and its importance both for the health of our organisation and for achieving our dream of spreading SALT and local responses. I have learned is that Transfer happens when we:

  1. Share our personal stories with passion
  2. Are opportunity-minded, and
  3. Feel confident and equipped to respond to invitations

 With this in mind, the GST facilitators made it part of our dream to equip more and more members with the skills, confidence and tools to Transfer SALT and Local Responses to others.  Laurie Khorchi ( who has been closely involved with both RDCCompetence and Belcompetence, is going to energetically take us forward in GST Transfer. She will be there to stimulate, accompany and equip coaches, GST, country teams and the wider Constellation community. By the end of 2014 we hope to see more people transferring to new organisations, new countries and new issues. If you don’t yet know Laurie, please introduce yourself and start a journey with her.

 Thank you for what has been a lovely 2 years of learning and challenges. I am sure I’ll be working with you all on other projects in 2014, and of course, I’ll see you at the Global Learning Festival in DRC in September!

 With love and gratitude,


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Comment by Chanrattana on January 18, 2014 at 5:51am

Congratulation for such a journey as a mother for a new generation!

Comment by adhi Ardian Kustiadi on December 6, 2013 at 4:33am

Hi Olivia,

Congratulation for your new journey as a mother. Happy for you and your family. Wish you all the best



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