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"..and the domino game get hot....."

As part of its scaling out SALT to as much communities outside of Le Pont du Tamarinier engaged members of Cheshire Home. A group of differently-abled persons took to be very engaging and agreed to meet every Monday for SALT. Their dream was to live comfortably in their Cheshire Home where they can pursue individual dreams. One wa to achieve their dream was to have specific time for games and as a starter decided on a domino competition. The idea of the competition started with Michel who…


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What's the new story of journalism that wants to be born?

"The very act of discovering the story that wants to emerge begins to create the future," says Peter Pula of Axiom News. In this 4-minute video, Peter explores the 3 key learning questions that emerged from an international dialogue last week on giving life to a conversation on Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts.…


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New partnership with La Mutuelle en Pays de Vilaine

Following the efforts of Jean-Louis, Laurie and Manu, Hervé and Luc have kickstarted a promising partnership with the "Mutuelles en pays de Vilaine" in Redon, in the western part of France. This partnership aims at supporting a group of institutions and associations to develop and implement a new vision of "together health for all in pays de Vilaine". Based on the Ottawa declaration, the group is dreaming to built policies and implement activities that will restate the essential role of…


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Revue Après Expérience ( Redon 35600 - Bretagne)

Pour notre première journée d'accompagnement de la mutuelle des pays de Vilaines et du collectif "Ensemble la santé pour tous en pays de Redon", nous avons proposé des visites Salt de partenaires éventuels a ce chemin.

En début d'après midi nous avons ensuite proposé tout d'abord une RAE par groupe et puis une RAE en plénière avec des bingo ! comme outil…


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Fostering TEAM spirit with Bring and Share...

Le Pont du Tamarinier is taking the lead with respect to a SALTy Mauritius...It all began in April when there was interest and the opportunity to taste SALT. WOW, some six months on, several SALT events are making a difference within different communities. You know the term 'taste and buy' well Le Pont has bought and is now sharing that SALTy experience. SALT was applied to do self-assessment of LPDT as an organization, but also conducted a Learning Event for staff, volunteers and community…


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SALTing the Hogeschool of Amsterdam

“But isn’t that just the normal behaviour?” asked one of the students in response to the explanation of the SALT way of thinking and way of working. Together with Boris and Marlou, we went to the Hogeschool of Amsterdam on the 29th of September to transfer CLCP to a group of 17 students.

Following a course in Community Development, they are currently in full preparation for their final projects. One student will be…


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Sharood, fostering communities through food

Together with three fellow students of mine, we developed and launched our app Sharood on our campus in August 2015. Sharood (think “share-food”), is an app that connects people in the same area by matching those who are cooking with those are hungry. The inspiration behind the app came from our realisation of how the individualism of our society can be destructive for its members and a hinder for its progress. By seeking to make the idea of sharing food a…


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Au cours de la dernière journée de la form'action à Mayotte avec Laurie Korchi et Pamela Aglaé, nous avions à présenter la Constellation à nos stagiaires.... Que faire ? Jean-Louis Lamboray fait cela si bien avec toutes ses histoires, l'origine de la constellation, ses débuts.....mais nous n'étions pas Jean-Louis et à moins que d'apprendre par cœur cette histoire (et encore…


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France Compétence

Une nouvelle étoile brille dans le ciel de la Constellation, France Compétence est née le 26/09/2015 !!!! vous pouvez la retrouver sur Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/519895178187427/519895181520760/?notif_t=like). Merci à toutes ces belles énergies qui s'associent pour…


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The magical link between private and public is opening with CATCH

I share this blog on behalf of Onesmus Mutuku.


Back ground

CATCH is “Communities Acting Together to Control HIV”, a combination-prevention strategy pioneered through a collaborative effort by the National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA), the Ministries of Local Government and Health, UNAIDS, and development partners (in particular, FHI 360 and USAID).  The model…


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