As part of its scaling out SALT to as much communities outside of Le Pont du Tamarinier engaged members of Cheshire Home. A group of differently-abled persons took to be very engaging and agreed to meet every Monday for SALT. Their dream was to live comfortably in their Cheshire Home where they can pursue individual dreams. One wa to achieve their dream was to have specific time for games and as a starter decided on a domino competition. The idea of the competition started with Michel who went to church and then to the supermarket where he bought a new pack of dominoes. In reflection he said; "I am happy with this new pack of dominoes because the older pack had many marked dominoes and cheating took place on a high level" (^_^). So who was the champion we asked with the older pack of dominoes? There was laughter when different names were named and one person mooted the idea that a competition be held to ascertain the winner with unmarked dominoes. It was agreed....


The morning was delightful, everyone played, even those that don't normally play and those who never played because there was a pack of dominoes with fruits instead of numbers. At every game there were cheers for the winner....(^_^)  (^_^)

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on November 2, 2015 at 6:43pm

Thanks for this interesting story. How did they facilitate transfer? I am very interested in community-to-community transfer and want to learn more on this.


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