Global Learning Festival 2016 in Mauritius

Constellation and Le Pont du Tamrinier invite you to the Global Learning Festival from April 3rd-8th 2016 which aims to contribute to exploring systematically the transfer of experience and learning. “Communities inspire others when they connect to learn and to share and for mutual support.”

In this event we will focus on the element of Horizontal Transfer: we will explore how competent communities bring their inspiration and experience to other communities. How can we facilitate this ‘transfer’ explicitly and how can we measure the effects?

The learning Festival will offer communities in Mauritius to share their excitement about what they are REALLY learning and especially what is making a difference for them. At the same time they communities will have the opportunity to learn from the wider Mauritius community and the visiting participants.  

SALT is making a difference in our lives….we have been trying to bring members of this community together like this for more than five years now...SALT has accomplish this..I am elated” Aniele, leader of Le Pont du 

This is the best thing that has happened to Mauritius on drugs in a long time. It is the first time that all NGO’s are working together, aiming at the same thing. (…) We have different approaches to the issue, but I see progress in the way every platform member listens to the others. We also still have room for progress. (…) We cannot do it without communities. That would mean we cut ourselves off from our roots. (…) It’s time to take action!” Laval Monet, Groupe Renaisance de Mahebourgh

 Participants through immersion with Mauritian communities will learn how the communities are responding to their dreams. This will also provide opportunities for the communities to learn from  experiences  and knowledge of the participants.

Participatory sharing and learning can be adapted to communities’ experiences, to together consolidate on what they can do EVEN better. At the end of the week  we expect the communities to develop SMART action plans. Participants will also co-create Knowledge assets through, this exchange. 

This invitation is extended to: All with an interest in participatory practices/community-led approaches or interested in community life competence process/SALT 

The attachment provides information about participation costs and the accommodation (^_^), click on link....


For more details and indicate interest, please contact AUTRY HAYNES at;; SKYPE: autry.haynes; mobile: 592-610-7391 and 230-592-54505

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