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The Power of Home Visits

I have been an HIV/AIDS Counsellor for the last 16 years, working with TASO - The AIDS Support Organization and Medical Research Council unit on HIV/AIDS in Uganda and Home visiting patients has been integral to my work. Without home visiting the patient your understanding is not complete. There is a lot to learn from a home visit. As I always say, health is made from home and repaired in the hospital. What we used to do is to seek the consent of patients to be visited at home. Those…


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Dear friends;

Community engagement in any community Development Intervention is paramount in that there is that sense of ownership and responsibilities created in them. Long-term sustainability is ensured even when funding has phased out.

Through CLCP community is empowered to keenly come up with viable innovations to…


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Deux innovations dans la facilitation du transfert du processus CCV

C’était lundi 24 février à Curepipe, à l’Ile Maurice. 25 participants ONG, Etat et du secteur privé sont invités à rêver. «  Nous sommes en 2035. La réponse des Mauriciens aux problèmes de drogue  est reconnue dans le monde entier.  Que voyez-vous ? Que sentez-vous ? Qu’est-ce que les Mauriciens font ? » Jusque-là, rien de neuf, c’est le processus habituel.

Ce qui fut neuf, c’est la visualisation. Gaston a invité les membres de la plateforme à fermer les yeux. Puis, petit à petit, sur…


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Are HIV positive people protecting themselves against re-infection?

Some people living with HIV think they can be in no further danger if they have sex without CONDOM because they are already infected which is not true. HIV has many different strains some of them very powerful.Its one's responsibility to take care of his/her own health.

Support groups should talk about difficulties members might have with condom use. Ensure that the members know exactly how to use condoms properly. support groups should help to correct any misunderstandings about…


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Women realized their strengths, took action

Here I want to tell you a story, a story of women who were quiet and shy. What happened that they turned champions of the community? This is an example of  what we call in the Constellation a 'local response'. 

India competence trained the CARE EMPHASIS team in Mumbai who applied Community life competence on the issue of HIV with the migrant community for past 10 months.  Care team informed us that before community life competence process, a Self help group (SHG) of women in Bangla…


Added by Rituu B. Nanda on March 26, 2014 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

The fruit I see in my life today!

The fruit I see in my life today!

Yesterday, 24 March at around 6.15pm local time, the Constellation Coaches(Onesmus and Joke) working with the Drug Platform in Mauritius visited one of the plat members in Rose Hill as part of the ongoing Learning, Appreciating visits. The centre brings together the beneficiaries at least once a week to continue learning on various topics. The centre staff use this…


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Community devises its strategy on Transfer

In development sector, we talk about going to scale. Can the NGOs do this on their own with limited funding and small staff? What if the community takes on the responsibility to share their vision, strategies and actions on issues they have taken action? What would happen? Here is an example from Mumbai area in India where the Constellation team, India competence, facilitated community life competence a strength-based approach with migrant communities on the issue of  HIV. Some interesting…


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Why Monitoring and Evaluation important?

Dear friends on the Constellation social network, it is a pleasure to share with you the link between M&E and project success.

Monitoring and Evaluation are key aspects in…


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Share wakiso district plan and progress on community life competence

Wakiso District facilitators brainstorming about the district vision/dream through Focus Group Discussions.…


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You are a ball of infinite potential, tap into it!

There are no unimportant people, only people who feel unimportant,  Don't be like them...

There are no insignificant people, only people who feel insignificant,
Don't be like them...
There are no 'lesser' people, only people who feel…

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The KAY club meeting was turning out great. We began by allowing the children some time to play soccer-the kind of soccer that can get attention from a lover of children not a lover of the game itself. The children chased the ball, kicking it in all directions, until at some point one young man took the ball, and said, 'we need to form teams and play against each other. Soon they started grouping themselves and the game began. As I watched the children play,my attention,was drawn to the…


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Getting knowledge to and from the point of application

“I think building community is one of the most important things you can do to help people access the information that they need,” she said. “It’s a lot more likely that people will be able to take the skills that you’ve given them if they have a community that helps them use those skills and supports them in that process.”

Read this panel discussion… Continue

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Rapport%20final%20GCVC%20Tanganyika%20280114.pdfBonjour Chers compétents, 

Veuillez trouver le rapport final du projet rapport final du projet gestion communautaire de la vaccination complète  ainsi que  la perle du savoir  issue de 8 foires d'échanges qui ont été organisées dans le  district sanitaire du Tanganyika, province du Katanga.



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Do we 'ever' learn?

I was fortunate to attend a session by Chris Collison, Knowledge Management specialist on learning.  He was one of the speakers at Africa Evaluation Association Conference  held recently in Yaounde, Cameroon. Here are some of the points Chris shared:

Individual learning happens naturally. When we move from individual learning to group of people learning collectively there is a big leak. Learning does not spread naturally from person to person. Moreover, learning decays over time when…


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  A second team of constellation stars [coaches] joins the Mauritians in this beautiful island to share and learn together as humans ,we are invited by Mauritius commercial bank forward foundation to visit stakeholders and NGOs that were not visited November , to appreciate strengths ,build relationship and co create a program with a view of facilitating a platform that defines its common vision ,develop a strategic framework ,assess its situation and plan action together.

Our dream…


Added by ABEDNEGO KITHEKA MUTUNGWA on March 10, 2014 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

On the road map of achieving CLC Nepal Dream

We Pokhara CLC team on our endeavor of sharing our learning of Community Life Competence in Pokhara, on 24 January 2014 we went to Nursing Students of Novel Academy Pokhara. The idea of sharing the concept and approach of Community Life Competency Nursing students came to our mind, when visited FPAN Kaski few weeks earlier. After sharing this concept with peer educators of…


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Discovering a precious poverty pocket in Mauritius

Wednesday evening. The sun starts to set. Our SALT team is in Citetol, one of the ‘slums’ on the island of Mauritius close to the international airport. ‘Tol’ means the tin material from which most of the houses in this neighborhood are constructed.

The community is one of the ‘poverty pockets’ on the island (less than 7USD for the entire household per day). Poverty on Mauritius often goes hand in hand with drug abuse. Our team of coaches is ready to discover some strengths and… Continue

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