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  A second team of constellation stars [coaches] joins the Mauritians in this beautiful island to share and learn together as humans ,we are invited by Mauritius commercial bank forward foundation to visit stakeholders and NGOs that were not visited November , to appreciate strengths ,build relationship and co create a program with a view of facilitating a platform that defines its common vision ,develop a strategic framework ,assess its situation and plan action together.

Our dream is to see informed ,competent and resilient communities in Mauritius who mobilizes their strengths to make measurable and verifiable progress in the response to issues as substance abuse use ,social housing and sports as community activity ,just as we have seen in more than 50 countries that constellation has supported and accompanied, with the belief that two things are required for a community to take local action :ownership of the issue and the response and realization and use of own strengths

We start the week with a nice warm welcome by the the core team of Mauritius commercial bank forward foundation team ,amazing team .a lot happens this week We meet with the platform members to connect, recap from the November visit but also interact as Humans and deepen our relationship and share our personal stories that impacted a change in our Life and the ingredients of change We made SALT visits to NGOs, a visit to football academy and two home visit to appreciate strengths and share our experience and learn also

Week two we meet with platform members for dream building exercise a light tone to start the Week :”WHAT MAKES US HUMANS? “this sets the tone for the week we are here to learn as human Personal dream“ WHAT KIND OF DREAM WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE IN 2035 IN TERMS OF ADDRESSING DRUG SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN MAURITIUS? “ members shared their dreams ,platform members came up with platform dream .

KEY LESSONS LEARN T 1 personal dreams was a key ingredients towards building the bigger platform dream ;its important To be inclusive in dream building

2 Introduction “ who are we” as humans sets the tone for people to be open for deep conversation , Homevisits introduction are also key ,its important to say why you are visiting .

3 After action review[ AAR ] is an important learning tool ,this really helped us a lot -How did we behave as a team ? -where do we need to improve as team next visit?

4 learn and share was good tool of sharing experiences of other countries where community life Has been demonstrated and how those experience could could be connected in Mauritius context

5 Its good to appreciate our diverse strengths as a facilitation team ,this gives others space to grow And have confidence to facilitate where they are good at

6 Systematic and constistent way of stimulating strateqic question in SALT VISITS deepens a tread of Conversation

7 Time management is key ,incase you have invitation its always good to keep time to avoid Inconviencing others

8 People will find HOPE AND DIRECTION if they are stimulated ,this came out clearly after dreaming building exercise for the platform

9” WATERING THE FLOWER” is a moment when you teammates says strengths they have seen in you I was really encouraged to hear some good strengths in me from my teammates ,Jean loius ,Gaston ,Joke,and Onesmus

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Comment by Jan Somers on March 20, 2014 at 7:49pm

Great to read. Maybe you can also put some supporting pictures online about your visits etc?

Comment by John Mutua on March 12, 2014 at 10:08am

Thanks Abednego! Its good to hear the beautiful things happening in Mauritius. There isn't a moment this journey with communities has not inspired us to continue showing up in homes and communities to share and learn. And the moment of WATERING THE FLOWER, sounds exciting to me.We will water the flower today.Keep going.



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