The fruit I see in my life today!

Yesterday, 24 March at around 6.15pm local time, the Constellation Coaches(Onesmus and Joke) working with the Drug Platform in Mauritius visited one of the plat members in Rose Hill as part of the ongoing Learning, Appreciating visits. The centre brings together the beneficiaries at least once a week to continue learning on various topics. The centre staff use this opportunity to make follow up with the drug users as well. This has proved useful in dealing with relapses - a major challenge in the drug response. The Centre staff, and on a power point took the beneficiaries through ‘Autonomy’ learning session. This was useful as they learned and reflected on various related examples on the subject from real life encounters. We stayed in for the two hours session to listen, learn and appreciate what these guys were doing. At the end, the facilitator asked if we had any questions from our side. This was towards the end, we thought of a conclusion that would stir up celebration. This was really a powerful question, generated energy and many wanted to share. There was lots of evidence that a lot has changed in the lives of these friends. There was only one opportunity to share about the FRUITS in their own lives. The outreach focal person invited us back, and perhaps join him during the community outreach visit next time.

What is the fruit that you see and are proud of it in your life today?

…..people in the neighborhood were wondering where this man was. They thought, he had died or maybe he was in prison. These were all the options they could think of because I was really a bad man. Really a bad man and deep into drugs. Essentially I was not dead as they thought. I was out here at this Solidarity Centre for rehabilitation. This was a nice place for me; the change that came to my life was Phenomenal. I went back home, the neighbours could not belief it. One neighbour who was talking ill about me came to seek help for his son who was in drugs too. I got involved in helping my neighbourhood in the issue of alcoholism and Drugs, and today I am fully in this centre to help others. Many have changed their lives and more are coming for help….
                                                      Anonymous – Beneficiary

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Comment by Onesmus Mutuku on March 25, 2014 at 2:20pm

Many thanks Jan and Marlou. The ground here is fertile and has great potential for cross regional sharing and learning from strengths. 'The anonymous' - i could not put the name of the story teller here as we are in the early stories of building relationship yet laying down the essence for documenting and sharing the stories with others for - mutual learning. ideally on verbal consent so far! 

Comment by Marlou on March 25, 2014 at 1:54pm

Thanks for sharing Onesmus!

Alexei in Russia will have a lot of resonance with this friend in Mauritius.

Here is his story:

Comment by Jan Somers on March 25, 2014 at 1:31pm

What a great inspiring story and powerful question indeed. We humans tend to forget to look for the fruits in life.

The anonymous story at the end shows the power for humans to learn, to share and appreciate all this. That is why Constellation coaches and facilitators should always help hopes to prevail. 

Thanks for sharing !!


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