Something has not been connecting. Honestly. After years of pumping funds into projects and organisations we are still being faced with an epidemic that's threatening the workforce and future of our nation. Truthfully, people know. At least, they say they do. However, they are not adopting positive behaviors.


As a society, as a community we are concerned. Genuinely so, we wrestle with ourselves trying to find the solutions that create positive behaviour change. We note with the alarm the sexual behaviour of our youth, we try to contain the incidences of new infections (4 per day), we still live in communities where people are discriminated against on the basis of their perceived or real HIV status and sexual orientation.


There is no one solution, no pill that would solve all our challenges. If there was, we would have found it a long time ago. However, there is hope. Hope, that as advocates from all sectors of society we can make that change. Change though comes at a cost, a cost to self primarily. One has to be willing to shed the old skin of medocority, complacency and conformity. Change not only requires those with the a pioneering spirit, it demands it!


More importantly, change must come from the bowels of the community. A community must appreciate its sense of self, foster its ability to dream, acknowledge its concerns and create connections that ensure results. In essence, SALT must be applied.


Let us all work together to create a future built on the hopes and dreams of the communities we serve.


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Comment by Gaston on July 20, 2011 at 4:11pm
David, I like how you articulate 'a community must appreciate its sense of self'. It reminds me of an interesting discussion on what is a community? The further a community gets on this scale, the more it will appreciate this sense of self and the realization that the total is bigger than the sum of the parts.


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