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Youth workers in the Netherlands enthusiastic about SALT approach

Welzijnsgroep is an organisation in the Netherlands that works with young people in neighbourhoods. They organise activities for fun or around prevention and specific topics. Today their challenge is that the local government, who provides their budget, wants to cut down on spending. Therefore, they would like to rethink the way they work and stimulate local communities to take ownership of some of the activities.

One of their staff members, Gemma Van Voorst, participated in a…


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Causeries éducatives sur le lavage des mains dans l’église méthodiste/ Educational talks on handwashing in the Methodist Church

L’église méthodiste compte 300 membres. Avec le soutien des facilitateurs, ils ont construit leur rêve et ils ont fait leur auto-évaluation et plan d’action. Ils ont choisi le lavage des mains comme pratique prioritaire. « Avant, on se lavait tous les mains dans une même assiette. » disait une maman de l’église. « On ne savait pas que les maladies se transmettaient comme…


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Des légumes qui sauvent des vies – Eglise Piscine de Belsetha

En novembre 2012, l’église « Piscine de Belsetha » a construit son rêve avec l’aide des facilitateurs. L'église se trouve à Fungurume, au Katanga, ville au centre des activités minières du cuivre. Elle a choisi comme priorité la vaccination complète des enfants et des mamans. Lors de son autoévaluation, elle a choisi les sous-pratiques de reconnaissance et acceptation,…


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Les seaux réputés du centre de santé de Neema

A Fungurume, dans le quartier Lukeka, se trouve le centre de santé Neema. Parmi les 13 membres du personnel de Neema, 2 personnes sont facilitatrices de l’approche SALT. Elles ont invité l’équipe de facilitation à introduire le processus dans le centre.

Les membres de Neema ont construit leur rêve et ils ont choisi de travailler en priorité sur la pratique du lavage…


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« Un atelier sur le SALT, c’est comme le marché aux poissons » A workshop on SALT is like the fish market

Florence Muissange, facilitatrice de l’équipe de Mbuji Mayi, nous raconte : « A chaque fois que nous avons un atelier sur l’approche SALT, c’est comme un marché au poisson. Qu’on entre au marché pour acheter ou contempler, on en ressort toujours avec l’odeur du poisson sur soi.»

Nous venons de terminer la séance d’orientation à Mbuji Mayi, pour les équipes de soutien qui vont appuyer le projet « Gestion Communautaire de la Survie de l’Enfants ». Les participants repartent avec…


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Gratitude to you all for the time spent together

Dear friends,


Five and half years. That’s how long Laurence has worked in the Constellation Support Team. Four years. That’s Gaston. It’s been almost four years since we took on the bet of living and working in Chiang Mai. Both of us have worked, cried, laughed with communities on their way to competence in more than 10…


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I can do ANYTHING!

I was so impressed with this man in Myanmar...





















We were visiting a temple near Inlay lake, a very touristy area in Myanmar. Everywhere there are people selling…


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Visites SALT à Chiang Mai avec des amis de Madagascar

Mon dimanche matin a commencé une peu différemment que d'habitude cette semaine. Debout à 7h, je me rend au bureau de la Constellation à 8h. La ville de Chiang Mai est encore toute calme et endormie. Et oui, à 9h nous commençons deux jours et demi de visites SALT dans des communautés à Chiang Mai avec 6 amis de Madagascar, 2 amis belges et 2 amis français. 


A 9h, tout le monde est là.

Johnson, avec son énergie positive et son grand sourire. Il est une des premières…


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L'échange chaleureux est comme du kérosène!

Sous un soleil de plomb, Gaston, Younoussa et moi arrivons à Ségou, une ville à 300km de Bamako, au Mali. La terre et les maisons sont teintées de rouge et d'ocre. On retrouve à Ségou, le long du fleuve Niger, une ambiance de village alors que la ville grouille d'activité. On voit des marchands de calebasses, des ânes qui transportent des légumes, et des enfants qui… Continue

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Its time to take care of our planet

It is 7pm and it starts getting dark in the village of Orbais, in Belgium. Inside the house of my parents, there is a cozy and warm atmosphere with the fire burning in the fireplace. Snacks are ready and chairs are set up in one big circle. My sister and I are so excited because tonight 15 people will come to built a common dream and a self-assessment on the issue of Global Warming!

Climate change is an issue that affects all of us. "IPCC anticipates a warming of…

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Share your experience on Mobilising Resources

We are about to embark on collecting a knowledge asset on the practice of Mobilising Resources.

I believe each of you has had, or knows of, an experience where a community has been able to mobilise resources (their own and/or others) to achieve something remarkable. Tell us about that and your role in it. What is the one main message the story makes? Try sharing the experience out loud to a friend or colleague before writing it down. Please add it as a blog on…

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Myanmar opens its door and heart for the AIDS Competence Process

Last week Sirinate and I facilitated a learning event in Yangon, Myanmar to introduce the AIDS Competence Process. We were invited by the National Network of NGOs (3N) against HIV. 35 participants, mostly People Living with HIV from Community Based Organisations and self-help groups throughout the country, attend the three day event.

Even though I don't understand a word of Burmese (or maybe just one 'Jesutinbadé' = thank you!) I saw how joyful and relaxed our new…

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You want to stimulate inclusion in your community?

Dear friends,

Do you want to stimulate…


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Volunteers of Papong, like Aunty Paa, give because it makes them happy

It is 9am. I am sitting in a mini-van heading towards Doi Saket, a district in northern Thailand. Twelve members of ThaiCompetence are excitedly chatting and joking together in the back of the van. For three days, our Thai friends are meeting to share what they have learned in the last three years when applying the SALT approach into their organizations. In the beginning they didn’t know each other. Now, they are good friends…


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L'histoire de Beho 'intégré' - un centre pour demandeurs d'asile

Beho est un centre d’accueil pour demandeurs d’asile de la croix rouge de Belgique situé dans la province de Luxembourg dans la Commune de Gouvy. Comme les autres communautés, personnes ou institutions vivant en Belgique, ces Centres sont confrontés aux différents problèmes de la vie courante par exemple la procédure d’asile, l’intégration, le VIH, l’alcoolisme, la gestion des conflits.

Après la participation à la foire d’échanges organisée par Belcompetence en avril 2009 ; les…


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A Book Project: “Changing our Outlook”

Our work is changing ourselves as well as the setting in which we live and work. And some of us thought that it would be the right time to put down on paper some meaningful experiences and thoughts related to SALT. That is why a team of five Constellation members met in Belgium in April 2010 to discuss a framework for summarizing our experience with SALT in a book and website. The group recognized that we are individuals but also part of a broader movement. We envisioned the final product as…


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The diamonds we found in the Congo

Gaston and I spent two months with RDCCompétence, the national facilitation team in DR-Congo. Our Congolese friends are incredible facilitators, managers…


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From AIDS to Life

(voir plus bas pour le français)…


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Community is... coming together for mutual support of love and life

Dear friends,

This weekend I participated in an acroyoga workshop on the theme 'Building our community'. Besides hanging upside down and doing crazy things together, we reflected on the meaning of community.

I wanted to share this with you because the definitions people gave touched me.

"Community is...

... people that you share a space and time with in acceptance and support.

... all the layers coming… Continue

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Living Buddha, Living Christ... through SALT

Two weeks ago we had lunch with Khun Praseut or ‘Deeng’ -his nick-name. Deeng is from Thailand and he coordinates the Interfaith Network of Thailand. We explored with him why he became a Christian growing up in a Buddhist country. I listened attentively because I made a similar journey, growing up as a Christian but practicing Buddhism in my daily life.

Deeng started: “Actually, my father is a Buddhist and my mother is a Christian, so I was brought up with both religions. For me all… Continue

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The Constellation: who are we

The Constellation video, where we journey in less then 2 minutes from space, through nature, to villages, in homes and back while exploring what the Constellation stands for. Thank YOU for being part of it.


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