You want to stimulate inclusion in your community?

Dear friends,

Do you want to stimulate inclusion of PLHIV or people who are different in your community?

Do you want to know the key lessons learned on inclusion by communities in Thailand, India, Kenya, Belgium, Burma, Spain, Mozambique, South Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia, Uganda, RDC in just one click?

Then, visit the ever-growing Knowledge asset on Inclusion here. You can share this Knowledge Asset with your community or the communities you work with to assist them to raise their level of competence.

You want to help?

- A small group of Constellation members is working on the Knowledge Assets. You can join our working group! We meet once a month. Please contact me (Laurence)

- The next Knowledge asset we will work on will capture experiences around 'Mobilizing resources'.

If you want your story to be included in the Knowledge asset on Inclusion or Mobilizing Resources, please share your story on your blog on Ning. What is the message from your story that others can use in their response?

We discussed about mobilizing resources with a group of friends in Chiang Mai. What we learned is that

- Resources are more than financial, they also includes human resources and knowledge

- Experiences are not specifically about HIV

- We each found a story about how we mobilized resources

For instance, Geoff shared a story about how he mobilizes his village to organize a Summer Fete. Some people complained about the previous fete but did not offer their help to improve it. But when the organizing team approached these people with a specific request, they agreed to help. He learned that If you are specific in your request, you will find what you need.

When we will have enough stories we will open a discussion forum to discuss the common principle.

Best regards,

on behalf of the Knowledge Asset working group

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