A Book Project: “Changing our Outlook”

Our work is changing ourselves as well as the setting in which we live and work. And some of us thought that it would be the right time to put down on paper some meaningful experiences and thoughts related to SALT. That is why a team of five Constellation members met in Belgium in April 2010 to discuss a framework for summarizing our experience with SALT in a book and website. The group recognized that we are individuals but also part of a broader movement. We envisioned the final product as ‘our collective story’, a common story line with a range of illustrations from different settings. The introduction would present the evolution of the Constellation since its foundation in 2004.

Purpose of such a book

1. Consolidate the current understanding of SALT among those who practice the approach: what we
think we know and what we don’t know.

2. Share the approach with the general public: its essence, its impact on communities, on
facilitators and on institutions. Hopefully, the readers from the broad
potential group would feel inspired to ‘change glasses’ or look at their life
situation with a different lens.

The aim is to publish in a book and stories on the web by June 2011, in at least three languages (English, French and Spanish). The book would present maximum 10-15 stories. In the preface we will briefly tell the story of the Constellation, having in mind the people who will discover it in this book.

The A team

To give a practical insight to the stories, the team thought having a reader ‘Appreciation Team’ or ‘A team’. Five A-team members would be sent the final stories and their comments would be invited through emails, skype and at least one face-to-face meeting. They would be asked if the stories resonate with their lives.

Outline of the book

Introduction: (Brief story of the Constellation)

Section I: Communities change

- Story 1
- Story 2
- Story 6
A-Team reactions
Section II: People change
- Story 1
- ...
- Story 3
A-Team reactions
Section III: Organizations change
- Story 1
- Story 2
- ...
- Story 6
A-Team reactions


We need your help
- Did SALT have an impact on your work, life or community? Then please contact Rituu (rituu@communitylifecompetence.org) before Wednesday 9 June.
- If you have contacts with publishers, please contact Rituu (rituu@communitylifecompetence.org) in English, French or another language.
- If you want to be part of the A team or you want to suggest a friend or colleague, please contact Laurence (laurence@communitylifecompetence.org).
- If you want to help to translate the book into your language, please contact Laurence (laurence@communitylifecompetence.org)
We are looking forward to your ideas!

Laurence, Jean, Rituu, Marijo, Marie, Alison, Jean

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Comment by Olivia Munoru on June 29, 2010 at 8:02am
Good luck with this. It is a great idea, and a nice way to share the experiences of SALT and ACP with others. YOu are all so dedicated, it's inspiring!!!!


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