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Jacque the Shark

She stood there in the middle of the gym, disengaged, as the other fifty grade 5 and 6 students swirled around her.

I tried to encourage her to join in with this organised chaos but she wasn’t interested. Her 10-year old body and tense brow indicated she wanted to be elsewhere.

I was puzzled. It was the fourth session of my ‘Pozitive Kidz are happy kidz’ program and she was still disengaged.

The theme for these workshops was on building self esteem from a Tai Chi…


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The storm’s a-comin’

I’m quickly writing this post before the 100-mile wide Hurricane Sandy, which has already killed 65 people in the Caribbean, takes the power out in Washington D.C. where I live.…


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La lutte contre le SIDA dans les ecoles secondaires

L'Ecole secondaire de Rubengera est une école appartenant a l'EPR, son animatrice nous a donne le témoignage lié à la lutte contre le SIDA: Une fille de 18 ans est  une élève en 5ième année secondaire  dans notre école. Elle  était connue pour ses  mauvais comportements à l’école caractérisés  par les  relations de copinage avec un homme plus âgé qu’elle de cette région. Elle avait toujours des  échecs en classe et en  conduite. Elle était récalcitrante  aux conseils et directives données…


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Pozitive Kidz are Successful Kidz

Well, I’m ready to launch my new Pozitive Kidz are Succesful Kidz program for primary schools here in Melbourne, Australia.

The flyer is completed and the next step is to contact schools for an expression of interest, which I’ll do next week.

This 6 week program is designed for grade 5 and…


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Formation SP Burkina Faso

Du 16 au 19 octobre deux facilitateurs du Burkina ont été formés à l'approche compétence.

il y a eu deux visites sur le terrain (SALT) et une autoévaluation. Ces deux visites ont été animées par les deux facilitateurs après une simulation en salle. River%2BStairs%20Diagram%20Generating%20Tool_newtemplate_ENG.xls 

Cette autoévaluation a permis aux deux facilitateurs de…


Added by Alfousseyni Sangaré on October 22, 2012 at 4:52pm — 2 Comments

formation ODE Burkina Faso

du 16 au 19 octobre a eu lieu la formation de deux facilitateurs de l'office de développement des églises du Burkina.

les deux facilitateurs ont maîtrisé le processus de compétence à travers les exercices pratiques du SALT et de l'autoévaluation suivis du plan d'action, de l'auto-mesure du changement. En plus une simulation du rêve, de la foire et de la mise à échelle de la compétence aété partagée. Le plan d'action comprend le développement de compétence de l'ODE et la visite de…


Added by Alfousseyni Sangaré on October 20, 2012 at 3:36pm — 1 Comment

People Driven Development

Practice and experience has taught me that the best approach to development is the human rights based approach that places communities at the centre of the development agenda. A top down government initiated program has a tendency of saving face and pushing for programs that will make the government of the day look good. Communities are the right people to drive the agenda of development in the sense that they can be pioneers and sustainers of the same development. In my years as a…


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It is hard to work with cross border migrants in Mumbai

Mumbai attracts migrants from other parts of India and across the border. There are several migrants from the neighboring Nepal and Bangladesh. Bangladeshi migrants are more vulnerable if they are staying illegally in the country. Police crack downs on such migrants are very common for a variety of reasons. With such crackdowns happening frequently, it is more difficult to access the migrant community and provide them with HIV/AIDS prevention services. At times, it is even difficult to…


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Community needs leaders worth their salt

Communities need leaders worth their salt

In a week or so, I would have spent 30 years as a paid staff in the social services with the same organisation.  Before that, I had a 6 month stint in a non-profit where I was organising community service activities in neighbourhoods for 2 days a week.  Of course it has not been the same job and I grew with an organisation that had 4 paid staff including myself when I joined to one with 102 today that I lead.  I have been in this…


Added by Gerard Ee Huck LIan on October 10, 2012 at 1:30pm — 7 Comments

Appreciative Inquiry: List of Principles & Assumptions

When I mention Appreciative Inquiry to someone I often get the response, ‘What’s that?’ So for those new to AI here’s a list of principles and assumptions to whet your appetite. I’ve also provided a link to our previous posts on some of the 8 Principles.

8 Principles…


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Strength that needs Sustainance


Dear Friends,

Greetings to you all from Nigeria.

As part of my Job as the newly appointed ANTI-AIDS club president is to design the activity plan of the club which I have done. The club has been in existence for the past 15yrs and as faced so many financial issues. The least of the support given to the club has always been condoms and I.E.C material and the student need more than this material support. The club has been running on individual contribution



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Something to consider when we are creating dreams,

"Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes" - Carl Jung

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Vision in Action Foundation Candle light Report 2012


VIAF report team

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Changement de comportements.

Les résultats des discussions en petits groupes (25-30) des jeunes commencent à se faire voir dans l'Eglise Presbytérienne au Rwanda (EPR). Ces discussions visent le changement de comportements ou modes de vie susceptibles d'occasioner une infection à VIH. Au cours du trimestre qui vient de s'écouler, un jeune  qui a participé à des séances de discussions sur la consommaton des drogues a donné son témoignage comme suit: J'ai 22 ans, je suis en train de faire la 5ème année primaire, car j'ai…


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Role of Donors in Poverty Alleviation and Development Activities: Are they achieved 100 % or appropriate and expected outcomes!!!???

Many Donor organizations and countries of the world have been donating or lending billions of money as aid for long time in many third world countries and underdeveloped and developing countries for organising various types of social and economical development programs including poverty alleviation. Many countries do their development works by using the foreign assistance. There are many NGOs and Government Organizations establish for doing various types of development activities…


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MAKE MAMA VISIBLE says than you for placing a SMILE on grandma's face


Empowerment Through Sport for the Mamas of Rural Cameroon

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo, Founder and Executive Director, WFAC Buea

Elder Women - the Caregivers of Children

August 26, 2012 shall forever remain historic…


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