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La Communauté Baptiste au Congo ouvre sa formation à d'autres participants

Pasteur Laddy Lombo explique qu'en ouvrant la formation au VIH à des participants d'autres dénominations, la CBCO coopère facilement avec ces derniers sur le terrain

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Pasteur Tharcisse fait face à sa séropositivité

Joy Imabashengezi de BUNERELA raconte comment Pasteur Tharcisse a fait face au Sida dans son propre foyer, et a emmené avec lui sa communauté. Merci Pasteur Tharcisse pour votre témoignage.

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Un pasteur invite une femme prostituée à témoigner

Isaac Milonga de la Communauté Baptiste en Afrique Centrale raconte comment un pasteur invite une prostituée de sa communauté à revenir chez elle et à témoigner. Merci Isaac!

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Appreciative Inquiry: THE Question

As an appreciative inquiry practitioner, it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of work and forget to ask myself the most important question of the day.

And what’s that?

It’s “What appreciative question can I ask today?”

Without asking myself this, I often feel like an Appreciative Inquiry technician. That is, a technician who uses AI as a ‘tool’ rather than one who lives the principles of…


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first meeting experince at polban


I will share about what I felt when i became a facilitator at Advocacy and Human Right community in POLBAN. I felt nervous at the begining, because i felt i didn't have experience in advocay things or human right, but then it's start easily when the members share each other. we started with introduced our self. then we tried to share about the greatest moment in their life. one of the members, Ega's moment, he felt proud of became good moeslem (it's so inspired me), and…


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Glocon Update

Patterns are emerging and confirmed through Glocon in 9 countries so far (19 local documented community encounters) -including...(seen in each CSS in the 'themes that matter to us' section-see

1. Local neighbourhood community matters-it is the DNA of Global Health. There are more neighbourhoods than any other type of community, and they will remain when…

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Life’s Garden

I feel like we are all here for specific purposes–to be great at something and to provide something unique that makes each one of us exceptional. For me I think that means inspiring motivativating and empowering inviduals;…


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Concerns versus Problem

I have a great privilege to be part of a wonderful coaching team for the Aquatic Agricultural System (AAS) Competence in Bangladesh, Solomon Islands and Zambia. Last week, I’ve  learned so much from the team (i.e. Bobby from India, Olivia from UK, Onesmus from Kenya and Wiwin from Indonesia) on how to explain the differences between ‘concern’ and ‘problem’ and why the Constellation chooses to emphasize on ‘concerns’. Here are what we have put our thoughts together.


1.    What…


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What make a person a facilitator (CLCP)

This is what I feel about person capacity to be able to facilitate CLCP. I'm too worry about giving opportunity to person who actually able to be facilitator but she/he has not already attending TOF or learning event and the like. It's about how to ensure that SALT and CLCP been learned, , shared and transferred without any project intervention or money support. I don't know why I personally been really evoked and involved at this SALT and CLCP things. I just feel that, borrowing Olivia's…


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Cloud of Beauty


One of my favorite past time is watching the sunset.  My heart leaps with joy at the sight of the clouds, dancing in the colorful display of lights.  I thank God for such a magnificent sight and acknowledge that He too has created all humans, beautiful and for a purpose.

Recently I met a Chinese lady by the name,…


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Write a book in 4 hours with 20 grassroots organizations?—How!?!

Lucia Hass knows how! She shares her recent experience in Myanmar, which she has graciously agreed to cross-post from her site, beads—passion for facilitation.


With development loosing political interest in developed nations, It has become even more important that stories of grassroots organizations get told and heard. Local…


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Women empowerment: in which ways???

Many people including women leaders and social workers are excited about women empowerment in development and under developed country. It is true that in those countries, there have been created many opportunities to empowered women and now women especially poor women of those countries are empowered themselves than last decades. Access in Micro finance and borrowing microcredit and getting working opportunity in garment sectors and another big or small industries or business and other…


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I greatly appreciated the opportunity given to me to listen to two mothers share their stories.


Mdm. E taught me that strong, deeply rooted desires and believing in “I CAN” (a person’s capabilities), is a path that leads to their achievements.

Mdm. E had a very hard life, a life of rejection. Listening to her, I could feel so much positive vibes in her, even though she has not experienced love and appreciation since childhood to her early adult life.

She shared…


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In the shoes of a service user/participant


In the shoes of a service user/participant

I recently attended a painting workshop over three days that helped me to discover more about myself at least, to go beyond my fears. Being a leisure paint/art person I chose to attend this workshop because the criteria was, “ No painting or art experience is required.” which fitted quite well with me as a leisure artist. Also, I just wanted a break, to relax.

At the workshop I was surprised in many ways.…


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Russia and being Human...Those words, still so fresh in my mind!

"There are no rules. Just follow the principles of being human," he said. 

And, suddenly, I realised why this centre - a Government Run Drug Rehabilitation Centre in the snowy forest of Siberia, Russia - was so successful. 

"Just follow the principles of being…


Added by Olivia Munoru on May 15, 2012 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

Advokasi dan HAM Competence

hello everyone

long time no see here, it's me venty, I'll share about my experince with the new community from Bandung-West Java Indonesia.

this community consist of the students of POLBAN, they are come from different majors. they are : Dede, Fuad, Yasfa, Ega, Abdul, Juang, Hasan, M.Ichwan and the beautiful one Frida.

This afternoon they shared about their community name's, their strength. we learned about CLCP and of course SALT. they have many dreams to make this…


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Histoire 1 : Fin de la clandestinité lien avec l’inclusion/Inclusion

Histoire 1 : Fin de la clandestinité lien avec l’inclusion

Autrefois, au centre de Toma, on entrait par la grande porte pour bénéficier du counseling et éventuellement faire son test de dépistage. A la fin, on sortait par la petite porte pour éviter de se faire voir par les passants indiscrets.

Maintenant, ceci n’est qu’un lointain souvenir. En effet, grâce à note association de PVVS, nous sommes sereins et confiants en nous-mêmes. Les activités des clubs d’écoute et culinaires,…


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Histoire 4 : Une évolution des mentalités lien avec reconnaissance et acceptation/Story 4: A change in attitudes related to recognition and acceptance

Avant lorsque le pasteur était mis au courant de l’infection d’un disciple de son ministère, il en informait sa hiérarchie qui prenait des mesures contre le pécheur. La personne était mis au banc des accusés de la communauté. Paer conséquence, le personne était aussitôt stigmatisée.

Certains jetaient le bébé avec l’eau du bain en déclarant.’’ Pourquoi appuyer les PVVS ? Il faut les laisser mourir, comme ça la maladie disparaîtrait avec elles’’

Mais grâce à l’association des PVVS avec…


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Histoire 2 : L’esprit d’autonomie lien avec la mobilisation des ressources/ Resource mobilization

La fin du programme étant annoncée pour bientôt, qu’allons nous devenir et que faire ? C’est ainsi que l’association a initié l’exploitation d’un champ collectif d’arachide à Toma. Le produit de sa récolte nous permet de tirer une pate entrainant dans l’assaisonnement des certains repas communautaires servis aux membres dans le but d’améliorer la qualité nutritionnelle de leur alimentation.

L’insuffisance pluviométrique de la saison dernière n’a pas entamé le moral des gens car nous…


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Histoire 5 : Apprentissage et transfert Toma et Léo/History 5: Learning and transfer Toma and Leo

En 2009, vingt (20) PVVS se sont rendus en visite d’échange à Koudougou ainsi qu’à Léo pour apprendre et s’inspirer de leurs expériences.
L’apprentissage de Toma à Léo est consigné dans un rapport de mission a confirmé Micheline.
Les PVVS de Toma nous ont beaucoup appris, nous les pasteurs a dit Ki Barnabas
Au cours de conférence-débats, les PVVS répondent aux questions posées par les participants. Des élèves viennent nous voir pour discuter du VIH d’après Zoungrana Moise

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