What make a person a facilitator (CLCP)

This is what I feel about person capacity to be able to facilitate CLCP. I'm too worry about giving opportunity to person who actually able to be facilitator but she/he has not already attending TOF or learning event and the like. It's about how to ensure that SALT and CLCP been learned, , shared and transferred without any project intervention or money support. I don't know why I personally been really evoked and involved at this SALT and CLCP things. I just feel that, borrowing Olivia's word on chatting this afternoon, is that to bring SALT along with our role will make and position us properly at any different situation, that what actually I feel. I share to alot of people about SALT and CLCP in Bandung, the town of my origin. Some of my collegues with whom I shared are interested to learn more about this. I provide coaching services that in turn trap me at very mechanical ways of working and thinking. I'm too worry about run down of activities, I'm too worry about what questions should be asked to ensure that CLCP mechanism applied. I'm too worry to wait what kind of feeling and learning took place experienced by both '' facilitator'' ad participants. What Venty shared her blog on what she conducted in Bandung, my anxiety getting less. I did AAR with her and her ''co-facilitator'' and she said that are we doing AAR now? This eased me to report what was I did with the participants. AHA, I witnessed another perspective on AAR. For me AAR, commonly is bored mechanism. But I have to do this since we need to compliance to mechanism, but for her AAR is not. We agree to meet to plan for next facilitation. And other appointmenst with potential person who want to be facilitator, and they their own community, will come up. They do not attend training for Facilitator or even learning event. What make a person a facilitator?


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