I greatly appreciated the opportunity given to me to listen to two mothers share their stories.


Mdm. E taught me that strong, deeply rooted desires and believing in “I CAN” (a person’s capabilities), is a path that leads to their achievements.

Mdm. E had a very hard life, a life of rejection. Listening to her, I could feel so much positive vibes in her, even though she has not experienced love and appreciation since childhood to her early adult life.

She shared how her husband, Mr. A,(who was then her boyfriend), was always going in and out of prison and getting involved with ‘gangsters’(her own words).

She said, “I told him that if deep in his heart he desires to change, I know and believe he can change. He has to make the decision and I will support and stand by him.”

Change Mr A did. His turning point was when he realised Mdm. E had confidence and believed that he is capable of change. Mdm. E proudly said that now her husband works very hard, holding two jobs, cares and spend time with the family.

Struggling financially in their initial married life, they had a Dream – to own a place of their own. They worked hard towards this dream and soon early 2013, they will have their purchase 3 room flat. Now she has seen a glimpse of her rainbow, because she was strong to face the storm in her life.

What is her hope as a mother?

-          Together with her husband, to bring up their two children in a loving, caring family environment.


Another mother, Mdm. L, opened my eyes and helped me to understand Louise Hay’s words –

                “Love is the biggest eraser there is. Love erases even the deepest imprinting because love goes deeper than anything.”

It is the love of this mother for her children, that made her sacrifice so much.

Mdm. L twice owned a flat, but sold them off, to help her now ex-husband in his enormous debts. When he refused to change, they divorced, but Mdm. L continued to keep in contact as friends, invites him to their present rental 2 room flat and brings her children out to have meals with him.

Why did Mdm. L do this, since they are divorced?

Said Mdm. L, “I can’t take his terrible gambling habits and debts. We can’t be together, but whatever it is he is my children’s father. I want my children to know that their father is around and experience having a father. We must never hold grudges against others. We all are human and make mistakes. We must  let go and move on. When my father-in-law was very ill, I went to take care of him – he has accepted me before and was good to my children”

She continued, “ I’m struggling, but for my children, I will be strong. I’m happy they’ve grown up to be good children. My hope is that they do well in their education and earn a good living.”


The stories of these two mothers, reinforces what many of us believe – The Human Capacity to Think and Respond to Their Life Situation.


I like to end my sharing with this quote as Food for Thought:

                “If Human Beings are Perceived as POTENTIALS rather than problems, as POSSESSING STRENGTHS instead of weakness, as UNLIMITED rather that dull and unresponsive, then THEY THRIVE AND GROW TO THEIR CAPABILITIES.” – Barbara Bush
















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