"Salt is an essential nutrient and is the world’s oldest food additive. Mankind has been using salt for many centuries, in the course of which we've amassed many uses (some speculate thousands) for this amazing substance—uses that go far beyond mere seasoning.

Commonly used as food flavouring and an additive to help preserve food, this common mineral is so valuable." taken from internet, Uses of SALT. 

The SALT Process has indeed become valuable in our daily thinking and working, adding flavour to our lives and the lives of those we work and interact with: STIMUTALE, APPRECIATTE, LEARN and TRANSFER.

In May, a group of Single Mothers came together, to share, support and spend time together.

There were young mothers present who needed guidance and support. One participant was actually motivating them by sharing her life stories. It was encouraging to the others, as she told them to be positive and have hope.

It was amazing how these mothers were open to share their stories especially of how they have coped with their challenges. It was a real Support for each one present, as they Listened to one another, knowing that they are not alone and that they have each other.

One participant said, “For the sake of my children, I must carry on in life and have hope.”

Another participant said, “I’m happy to be here, to Learn and Listen from the others.”

They did Learn from one another’s stories, and determined to Transfer it in their lives, especially ways how others have coped.

We also witnessed how people are able to respond spontaneously and support the other person –

One single mother, who was just asked to leave her new job, went out and broke down and cried. Her boss felt that she will not be able to do well in her work as she has children to look after. She felt that it was unfair because she has looked for resources, like childcare for her children and have made all necessary arrangements for them.

The other participants went to comfort her. One putting her arms around her shoulders, they just allowed her time to cry and to speak out her anger and frustrations.

What they were doing was to LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN.

The facilitators present learnt that we do not need to provide solutions all the time. The Community is the expert of their own Life World. We were Touched and Appreciated their openness, their Strength to move on in life amidst their challenges and uncertainties. 

 All we did was to provide a platform for them to come together.

The mothers present knew exactly and fully understand why they were coming together. Their honest sharing of their life stories, encouragement and support for one another – this itself fulfills the objectives of the purpose of their coming together – A SUPPORT GROUP FOR SINGLE MOTHERS – not with experts who ‘knows best’ and provide solutions, but with members who journey with them, believing in their capabilities, connecting them and learning and sharing together.

The SALT Visit ended with all the facilitators telling them how proud they are to hear that they have dreams – it gives hope and we admire their strength, even though they have challenges, they have dreams for themselves and their families and want to move on towards this with support from each other.

Just like the substance – Salt, which gives flavor and preserve food. The participants themselves have given flavor to their lives and preserved each other’s motivation and hope to move on.


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Comment by Kunchok Tsundue on August 22, 2012 at 9:04am

The most difficult one is to stimulate. How do we do that?  

Comment by Dr. Mukesh Bhachawat on June 21, 2012 at 10:02pm

very nice value of  SALT. 


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