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Connections happen when individuals or a group make the effort to get connected with each other.

In the Community I’m working with, one resident reached out to two neighbours.  She (Mdm. A) helped looked after a couple’s baby. At first I thought that she was doing a baby-sitting job, but Mdm.  A told me that the couple always fight and the baby is left crying, so she decided to look after the baby whenever the need arises.

Mdm. A also looks after two boys whose parents are…


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I see the power of local response during a SALT Visit cum BBQ at Sembawang

  1. Before the event itself, we had difficulty getting the participants to help prepare the tea-break and BBQ. All were busy. Two residents who were not able to attend volunteered to do the preparation and they even brought down the food to the bus.
  2. While waiting for the others to come, participants were helping to call the others who have yet to come.
  3. During the SALT Visit itself,…

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"Salt is an essential nutrient and is the world’s oldest food additive. Mankind has been using salt for many centuries, in the course of which we've amassed many uses (some speculate thousands) for this amazing substance—uses that go far beyond mere seasoning.

Commonly used as food flavouring and an additive to help preserve food, this common mineral is so valuable." taken from internet, Uses of SALT. 

The SALT Process has indeed become valuable in our daily thinking and…


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I greatly appreciated the opportunity given to me to listen to two mothers share their stories.


Mdm. E taught me that strong, deeply rooted desires and believing in “I CAN” (a person’s capabilities), is a path that leads to their achievements.

Mdm. E had a very hard life, a life of rejection. Listening to her, I could feel so much positive vibes in her, even though she has not experienced love and appreciation since childhood to her early adult life.

She shared…


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I was so glad that a platform was created at our working place, for us to come together, bi-weekly, to share our way of thinking and working, in line with the PRINCIPLES of SALT. 

Those who were able to make it came together in fellowship of the BEYOND COMMUNITY, sharing experiences and supporting one another. 

Last session, we came together to share on the POWER of APPRECIATION. We shared on how we have appreciated others and what impact it has, and how others have…


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From Inside Out

Hi there everyone, realised that the blog I sent was incomplete. So here is the other part which was missing.

Example 2.  Society may probably perceive them as "pitiful" and as though they have limited education and abilities, but these communities have proven that they have the capacity to respond to their life situation. Like one of them said, "Where there is a Will there's a Way." They build their own network, working with the police, govt. bodies, schools and also…


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I was privileged to be a participant of the Inod Competence Salt Visits at Jogjakarta. SO, WHAT WAS MY LEARNING?

1.  I learnt that it is important to LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, so that learning can take place.

     In order to Listen Attentively, I must be conscious of this - to be fully present for the other person(s), accepting, respecting the person(s) who is in front of me, as fellow human beings.

This I witnessed in all the communities…


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The Constellation: who are we

The Constellation video, where we journey in less then 2 minutes from space, through nature, to villages, in homes and back while exploring what the Constellation stands for. Thank YOU for being part of it. 

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