I was privileged to be a participant of the Inod Competence Salt Visits at Jogjakarta. SO, WHAT WAS MY LEARNING?

1.  I learnt that it is important to LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, so that learning can take place.

     In order to Listen Attentively, I must be conscious of this - to be fully present for the other person(s), accepting, respecting the person(s) who is in front of me, as fellow human beings.

This I witnessed in all the communities that we visited in Jogjakarta, They supported, cared and accepted each other as family. They had genuine love for one another. I realised that when this happens, the barrier infront of us will be removed and there will be tremendous possibilities.It brings to my mind, my organisation's compass - "I, WE, TOGETHER WE"

Example.  In one of the communities, one person uses her own money to provide for the daily needs of her community. When they fall short of money, one of them will sell sex, to provide the community with food.

2.  BELIEVING that communities has the strength, resources and capacity to respond to their challenges.

Example 1.  As one person from the Transgender Community put it beautifully, "There are challenges, but NO DEAD END."



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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on March 23, 2012 at 12:58pm

Dear Christina,


Thanks for posting this blog that too with examples which has helped me understand so well.


I wanted to share this discussion which was started by Phil - SALT: where does it begin and where does it end? http://aidscompetence.ning.com/forum/topics/salt-where-does-it-begi...  It might interest you and you might like to share as well. warm greetings from Delhi!


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