I feel like we are all here for specific purposes–to be great at something and to provide something unique that makes each one of us exceptional. For me I think that means inspiring motivativating and empowering inviduals;

As a life coach and stress manager I have learnt various strategies and techniques for life, Having gone through my share of life’s changes, I have unearthed many tools for teaching us to live life to the fullest.

These resources enable the individual to build up a protective reserve so that when tough times come along, the person is ready and able to cope effectively. We all know that when feeling tired, run-down and ill or lacking sleep, the threshold of coping with some of life simplest situations is also lowered. We have all experienced those ‘off-days’ when the slightest challenge triggers an inability to cope and afterwards we feel not so proud of ourselves!

Generally, there are many resistance resources that can help build protection against distress, namely exercise, nutrition, sleep, and healthy pleasure and leisure pursuits.

I see myself as a little green plant, standing proudly in the garden. Even though each plant may seem unimportant on its own, without it, and all the other plants like it, the garden would no longer be green; the garden would no longer be a garden.

So you see, the little green plant (me), in collective effort with all the other green plants (you) is important in the end. Together, they (we) make the garden possible.

I’m like that little green plant in the corner against the white fence, and you are that little green plant next to the pink flower, and you are that little green plant two rows next to the apple tree. We are all important, and together, we make up the gardens of this world. We are what make this world beautiful.

And not doing what I was brought into this world to do would be like the little green plant letting itself die, leaving a little patch of brown dirt where the green plant once resided.

I’m simply playing my part, following my heart, flowing with inspiration, and doing a little bit everyday to keep the garden green.

And it is with my deep hope that you will find and recognize the little green plant in you.

Life is not a race. Only we, confused humans, make it so. It’s not a race, but rather a journey to be enjoyed. Slow down. Listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you?

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