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"What a lively virtual visit discussion, we forgot to take a photo!”

Marlou and I were overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm when we knew that there were more than 20 friends from three continents joining the first Virtual SALT Visit in the Go Girl project.  We visited Babes, an NGO in Singapore working to take care of pregnant youths. We opened the session by sharing through a chat box who we are and the age of our mom when she delivered us.  As Marlou said, this is an appreciation of our mothers. I found that participant mothers were 19 - 38 years old…


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Learning SALT From theory to practice and back Kausar s khan

There is a story about a man claiming to have taught his dog simple mathematics. When asked to to demonstrate that his dog has learnt simple math, he readily brought his dog and placed, in front of the dog, some cards with numbers on them. He told the dog to show what is 2+2. The dog went to the cards and after sniffing them picked one with number 5 on it. Somebody said:   Hey! Your dog does not know basic math! The man retorted, I had said, I taught him math, I…


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T is for Transfer: From a SALTy living room chat to a community support programme for teenage mothers

Some years ago, Wiwin, SALT-CLPC facilitator from Bandung, Indonesia brought a SALT visit to Babes in Singapore. Wiwin recalls: “at that time we carried out a living room chat. Teenage mothers, their mothers and their babies came together and we chat just like we are talking in the living room. At that time I was overwhelmed with happiness that we…


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Dream Building

As part of our SALT and CLCP journey, we did a group exercise of dream building. Sharing our common dream

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A Breath of Life

‘Dare’ tells how a community of families and friends in France work their way towards a shared dream. The film shows the power of the dream to hold us together through the inevitable challenges. Dare

I find this film to be a treasure trove, there are so many insights from which I have…


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The Power of Poetry and The Power of a Dream

Recently, there have been 2 poems among the postings on Ning. Each of them has made me think, has given me pleasure and shown light for me on the power of a dream.

The first comes from Yamini Suvarna: Yamini's poem. Here is the…


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SALT Pedagogy, kausar skhan

SALT draws attention to a two-way process of learning. On the one hand, is the SALT Facilitator who introduces SALT to a person/group. These recipients begin to learn and so does the facilitator. Both come with their own luggage of knowledge and experience, and both are important, as SALT penetrates them and makes a place for itself. This process is critical, and recipient’s knowledge and experience (K&E) must be respected, as it is to…


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Skilful Appreciation

Like many communities in northern Thailand 25 years ago, Tha Wang Tan had a number of people living with HIV/AIDS.  There was a lot of fear and stigma. It was a dark time with no hope for treatment, people felt rejected by the community and society and deeply despaired. ‘One of Us’ tells one of these stories.   https://asyouopenyoureyes.com/thailand

 I met the people of Tha Wang Tan for the first time in 2006 and from the start it…


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SALT enables people with disability managing project implementation -

Thanks to Marie who encourages me patiently to share my learning on the application of SALT and CLCP by a local NGO named BILIC or Bandung Independent Living Center.  Initially, I was facilitated by Rituu to discuss with Joao Arnaldo Vembane, a SALT facilitator and a former officer at Handicap International in Mozambique on the preparation of the training. Really appreciate and Thanks to Rituu and my dear friend Joao ( a father with a newly born baby girl)



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Found the Spark!

Mridula Kapil Bhargava (Evaluator in HealthRise project)

Small changes were seen as project came to a halt after few months due to Covid-19. That having an intervention that wants a behavioral change, needs time and that needs ownership from the community to be sustainable. Due to Covid 19, there was a disconnect. I felt that having more time with the community would have brought more strength...But to make it everlast, needs time. I composed a poem as my reflection on…


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Who can be a SALT Facilitator?

Constellation has many Facilitators, and they are its strength. The have innumerable workshops for participants to understand SALT.  My question to them : Do you know how many learners who came to your workshop carried forward SALT, and how did they do so ? And, how many who just never carried it forward, and why did they turn away?

I attended a 5 days workshop on SALT, in Karachi, about 3 years ago. As am a trainer/facilitator of learning of people at various levels (community level,…


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People and place

From the first time that I saw it, I loved the beginning of the film ‘Dancing Yayas’. I have now watched it many, many times and each time I watch it I find something new to see and to enjoy. You move seamlessly, backwards and forwards between people and place time after time. Sometimes it is the…


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Powerful heroine stories guide International Womenchoir

More news from Vrouwencafé (Womencafé) in Amsterdam-East. The women of Vrouwencafé see themselves as women who have a ‘big heart’ for each other and their neighbourhood. They form a network around each others dreams to contribute to a better world. Guided by SALT-CLCP one of their current activities is an international Women choir. 

Below some news by Ghalia Jando. English translation in the…


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How To Turn Rubbish Into Money: The Story of Nigeria's Eco-Entrepreneurs

What if you could turn litter into money? FWANGMUN OSCAR DANLADI leads a movement of young people in Nigeria who have found a way to turn the country’s huge problem of electronic waste into their own thriving and sustainable businesses.

In this new episode of our How To Build Community show, he tells us the story, and shares tips and advice on how you can do something similar where you live:…


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The circle at the service of human connection

The circle is inspired by the Dialogues of the quantum physicist David Bohm, a contemporary and friend of Einstein. It is a process of introspection and exchange with others. There is no search for convergence with the visions of the other members of the circle, but simply the expression of resonances. By searching in our own depths for what is alive (which we may never have seen or touched before), we inspire each other. The more multiple and diverse the visions are, the more contradictions…


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Dream Building in SALT, Pakistan-- One story only

Dreams can be of individuals, of small groups (e.g HIV/TB/Hep C infected people in a village) --  of  the elderly in a village (as happened in Uganda) or of the whole community with its sub groups based on gender, ethnicity, class, religion, occupation.  While the community is to make choices, SALT Facilitator also has a role to play. For example, in four village settings in the mountain regions of Pakistan, after a community ended their discussion/sharing about  how they see their village…


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