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SALT enables people with disability managing project implementation -

Thanks to Marie who encourages me patiently to share my learning on the application of SALT and CLCP by a local NGO named BILIC or Bandung Independent Living Center.  Initially, I was facilitated by Rituu to discuss with Joao Arnaldo Vembane, a SALT facilitator and a former officer at Handicap International in Mozambique on the preparation of the training. Really appreciate and Thanks to Rituu and my dear friend Joao ( a father with a newly born baby girl)

The SALT- CLCP itself was conducted from May 2020 with a group of project officers who were to implement a project with differently able.  SALT helped two project officers run their project.  BILIC  project is aimed to 1). raise awareness of people with disability among community members at about 30 villages under two sub-districts 2). targeting 100 community leaders to actively involve to create a conducive environment for disabled people 3) deliver IEC to 50 targeted disable people with the concept of Independent Living and 3). create  and strengthened self-help group

The project was postponed due to covid and donor commitment. Improvement took place at individual level on project staff. They felt that engaging community was easier since they practise listen more and experience transfer.Below are links and photos of stories I have been shared on my social media platform, enjoy!

AER in March'21 - Warm discussions accompanied by various delicious fried foods.

I am very pleased able to learn from wonderful new friends of mine knowing that their individual dreams are liberation from conditions they have been experiencing. This revises my dream to liberate myself from self-centered dream to dreaming of inclusive life ever. thanks to @uyunk_uber and @bilicbandung Who have allowed us to be part of this learning, that benchmarking of a new phase of @indocompetence Journey to promote SALT on inclusive disabilities community development.  @linda_yuliantini007 @widathfd @mawarpohan.

Look, Kang Yana's style. An activist who drives community empowerment initiatives towards disability inclusion. There are also Rara, Putra, Teh Yuyun the director of @bilic_indonesia, there is Lia, @widathfd  shared our post-training experiences with #SALT and #CLCP 10 months ago. I asked how does SALT helps you work?

Kang Yana and Putra shared that SALT visits, Self Assessment, and After Activity Reflection were used to open communication and make them welcome by residents or families with people with disabilities.

Another case with Rara. This cute mother of one boy said SALT made my relationship with my husband closer. In the office, added Rara, she felt that communication was getting better and the office atmosphere was getting warmer. Kang Yana said, Rara listens more, the more we respect Rara and her position, the higher her responsibility. I said I hope the remuneration will also increase .. we laugh together agree with it.

Yuyun, my darling, is different. He admitted that the training 10 months ago felt like the right provision on how to maintain relationships and provision for implementing project interventions. Previously, the implementation of activities seemed to be trial and error. After being trained, Kang Yana and Putra were determined to visit the community with plans and work steps that had been planned. Duh, how relieved.

When I ask, how is the transfer implemented?

Kang Yana shared her life experiences with the family she accompanied, while ooo, ooo, how come I forgot what did Putra respond to ...
For myself, interactions with friends who fight for disability inclusion at @bilic motivated me to increase the awareness of the parties with whom I work.  To The Provincial Planning Board where I engaged as the consultant, I stimuli a conversation about how could FP program address family with disability family members?  All family members should be counted and address as well as disabled persons. They should be counted and recognized for their existence.  We still have a long way to go towards a disability-inclusive society. But we believe SALT and CLCP help us walk the path, are motivated and confident. ( ,



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