Constellation has many Facilitators, and they are its strength. The have innumerable workshops for participants to understand SALT.  My question to them : Do you know how many learners who came to your workshop carried forward SALT, and how did they do so ? And, how many who just never carried it forward, and why did they turn away?

I attended a 5 days workshop on SALT, in Karachi, about 3 years ago. As am a trainer/facilitator of learning of people at various levels (community level, illiterate, semi literate women and men,  literate people working at the community level, and even the  higher degree holder working as professionals in government and non-government organizations). Hence it was not difficult for me to start looking into the ways SALT can be introduced to different group, and how this could be done. Thus off I went, accompanied by a young colleague, and introduced SALT through some distinct questions of SALT – on humanity, community responses, pride and dream building. This was exciting, as this approach established a connectedness that was new – a connected between the participants and between the facilitator and participants.  Thus one thing was definite…. Something was happening… people were getting stimulated and appeared ready to take actions, and some actually did take actions. So far so good, a turn came when attempt was made to help people learn to use SALT in their work.


This difference between (a)  people experiencing SALT, and (b) people learning SALT in order to use it in their work with communities. A challenge was faced in the (b) sector. Two groups could be seen within this category . the groups being : those from modest economic background, from the rural sector, and on the lower rung of employment hierarchies. The other group was university graduates ( BS/MA from foreign and local universities) and conversant in English. If these groups are analyzed with the help of a 2 x 2 framework below, four positions emerge. SALT training would aspire to reach A, and ground realities may show the presence of B and C.

( I had a diagram here... which was not accepted here. !!! )

Constellation has its own Facilitators, which is an excellent situation. Does Constellation have a mechanism of certifying somebody emerging from SALT trainings to be recognized as a SALT Facilitator? If so, what would be the criteria? Furthermore, if somebody is striving to help cadres’ B and C to learn SALT and apply it in at the community level, what role could Constellation play? How would Constellation establish that learning is taking place, and is according to some pre-given criteria.



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