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Quand une convention chrétienne évangélique se transforme en CDV


Quand une convention chrétienne évangélique se transforme en CDV

Suite à la présentation du programme famille espoir et vie de l’union à l’assemblée régionale de l’UEESO CI à Danané à l’extrême ouest de la Côte d’ivoire en Afrique de l’ouest, les responsables ont retenu que le VIH/SIDA et la violence Basée sur le genre soit un thème durant leur convention. Celle-ci s’est déroulée du 16 au 23 février 2014 à Danané préfecture. Elle a regroupé plus de 2700 membres…


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SALT for international youth. Kazan, Russia

I do not really remember when I got acquainted with SALT method – I accidentally got to the meeting made by Svetlana Izambaeva where I first heard about SALT method. I can say that I didn’t get it fully and never thought that in a while I will have another meeting. My first SALT experience happened in October 2012 when Rituu came to Kazan to teach us something new and…


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Building Bridges to Success Through Entrepreneurship Seminar

Swaziland is currently facing a high unemployment rate. Up to 40% of youth aged 15-39 are unemployed and in some age brackets the statistics are above 53%. The rate at which industry absorbs qualified young people is very low in proportion to the numbers produced by tertiary institutions annually. Young graduates with qualifications ranging from diplomas, bachelors, honors degrees and above find getting employed difficult because the job market has no room for them in the current economy.…


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HIV & AIDS presents a critical challenge

Counselling without treatment and nutrition will not keep some one alive. They need emotional support. They also have to deal with prejudice from community and need information and training so that they can protect themselves and provide better care. loneliness, anxiety, stress, confusion, bitterness, and depression can make people more vulnareble to illness if they dont get any kind of support. People living with HIV need alot of emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, physical and…


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Joyland Delinquency Prevention Project

Warm greetings from Joyland Delinquency Prevention Project based in Uganda.

My name is Nyombi Joy, working with the above mentioned project based

in Uganda and am writing to you to share the following:

The Project is based in Mukungwe Sub-county Masaka District in Uganda.

The Project was established by criminologists and parents of childrenwho had got in conflict with the law so as to find…


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Constellation goes Basketball

It was raining outside when we were warmly welcomed in a big primary school of which’s entrance was filled with hand drawn hearts made by the young students.

On Friday the 7th of February, the Constellation was again invited for a SALT-visit – this time in a primary school in Antwerp, Belgium. Constellation members (Marlou De Rouw, April Foster, Jean-Louis Lamboray, Rituu B. Nanda, Phil Forth, Jan Somers, Joke D’haese, Manue Brick and Laurie Khorchi) as well as…


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Gloria, your dream is alive!

Our friend Gloria passed away peacefully on January 21. The letter below expresses our collective commitment to pursue her dreams. Gloria is truly with us in spirit.

Dear Gloria

Only five weeks ago, I handed over to you at the hospital in Kuching your certificate as Constellation coach and you thanked me. Then I gave you a little wooden box and asked you to open it. You did and brought the box to your lips to kiss its content. These were our Constellation coach…


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CLCP coming live in Masaka District

I am so happy to learn about this new model, thanks goes to Hon. Namara who attracted me to it

So beginning next month, we have started on the move of making it clear to the local leaders in Masaka District - Uganda, and our focus is SALT and older persons.We have written letters to local leaders in Masaka to be made aware of CLCP and issues of Older persons in Masaka District. So we are awaiting to be accorded time. We shall make you posted.

I wish also to thank…


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Home visits lead to wider community response

During a recent Constellation LEARN meeting in Belgium, we participated in a SALT visit to a sports club being facilitated in primary schools.  The founders of the club shared with us their approach, which resonated on many levels with the work we do in the Constellation.  One practice that the club uses to build relationships and influence change are home visits to the club members.  This sharing reminded me again of how important home visits have been in my experience, and I wanted to…


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Une initiative qui mérite d’être partagée

A Gafsa, une ville du sud-ouest de la Tunisie, un groupe de jeunes lyciens soutenus par un des professeurs ont pris l’initiative de lutter contre la consommation du cannabis dans leur établissement scolaire. Ces jeunes ont créé une cellule bien organisée avec une distribution de taches, et après la visite Salt des facilitateurs de la plateforme participative santé, ils ont construit leur rêve commun : « Ecole sans drogue », et ont menés des campagnes de sensibilisation par la création d’une…


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Expérience dans la lutte contre le VIH et SIDA en RDC et en Angola

Voici l'expérience de Manuel Miezi que je publie à sa demande:

Chers amis de la Constellation,

En vous comptant cette expérience  acquise tout au long de mon travail dans la lutte contre le VIH et SIDA, je voudrais remercier en premier lieu le Dieu Tout Puissant créateur de la terre et du ciel et mon créateur aussi pour m’avoir donné la vie pleine, l’intelligence et surtout la bonne santé.

Je m’appelle Manuel Miezi Kiafuatuka, de 59 ans d’âge, marié, père de 7 enfants, 4…


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J’étais opposé à la question du VIH SIDA et ne souhaitais pas qu’on en parle dans l’église et même qu’on détache un pasteur pour ce travail. Car c’est une question des gens de mauvaises vies. Les chrétiens ne sont pas concernés. Mais après l’exposé du Pasteur Koya sur le thème pour quoi l’église doit s’impliquer dans la lutte contre le VIH SIDA et la visualisation du film Gédéon que puis je faire , un pasteur qui a le Virus du SIDA dans le sang,…


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What Is CORE and how does it related to CLCP?

CORE (Collaboration for Resilience) Approach is a powerful approach to deal with Multi-Actors Platform and I also found this complimentary to the CLCP (Community Life Competency Process) that AAS program in Cambodia office is trying to adapt in its Community Visioning exercise. While CLCP is an approach that is developed to organize community to develop common dream, do self-assessment (to assess the dream to reality), developing community action plan, the CORE approach would…


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Research demonstrates positive changes in care and support to older people in Uganda

When a Ugandan faith leaders’ father passed away, as a ‘natural’ reaction, the family started making claims on the families’ wealth, the farm and the land. The widow of old age had no voice in this process and was almost forced out of the house by her own children. Things changed when the faith leader attended a facilitators’ workshop in his district on care and…


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