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Counselling without treatment and nutrition will not keep some one alive. They need emotional support. They also have to deal with prejudice from community and need information and training so that they can protect themselves and provide better care. loneliness, anxiety, stress, confusion, bitterness, and depression can make people more vulnareble to illness if they dont get any kind of support. People living with HIV need alot of emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, physical and clinical support. its important for them to come together and support one another.

There are still challenges facing people in Kenya

- Adequate nutrition for people living with HIV is essential. Yet, as poverty levels are high in Kenya and food shortages frequent. People living with HIV are unable to eat a healthy balanced diet. Nutritional help is needed to help the families improve their diets using cheap and available. The medication is too strong to take without proper diet.

- Even though awareness of HIV in Kenya is high, many people living with the virus are still afraid to disclose their status and still avoid health centres that provide HIV services from fear of being seen by neighbours or community member.  These issues needs to be addressed and to find a proper network between the people anf he health care workers.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on February 25, 2014 at 2:54am

Thanks Amy for this sharing. What in your experience has worked in effective response to HIV in Kenya?

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