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What have we done and What have we not done about HIV and Aids

In my point of view, we need to move from having project- specific assistance to Developmental and Institutional Projects because this is what makes the changes sustainable.

If a person is diagnosed with HIV, his or her capacity must be built. He or she needs support to develop confidence in him/herself and take charge of his/her own fate as well as the task of convincing other positive people to come out.and this is lacking in our communities.


We must also not forget the important link between Poverty and HIV/Aids. Lack of equitable access to Education and Employment. All these have an impact on HIV transmission and fuel the epidemic and are not being addressed under most interventions.

Lets give the young people chance  to lead the Crusade about HIV/Aids for a positive change. They are our future and we need them.

Last but not Least, Your Garden at your Backyard is good for home remedies and Healthier YOU!!!!!!!!! 

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Comment by ukeme okon on August 23, 2011 at 12:56am


This is a global issue and needs to be addressed by all. We are also facing the same challenges here in Nigeria. But i think people tested as a HIV positive should be properly counselled. The Support group for people living with HIV is also a great therapy, to help healed their wound. It is Stigma and descrimination that fuel the spread of HIV.


We need to demostrate care to people living with HIV, to help give them hope for the future.  

Comment by andy mulraine on August 8, 2011 at 3:11am


  My Name is Andy . and we here in Trinidad @ Tobago have a similar  problem like other country.

we try to use the hearth center to motivate other to live a positive life and be yourself by been strong,positive and be confidence that we all can do it together. We have support group for people who are testing positive with the {HIV} we try to  encourage them to join a support group so we can help the young one . i agree with the young people taking the lean in a crusade about {HIV/AIDS} for a positive change they are realer the future of any nation for positive change. PEACE ON EARTH 

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