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SALT with government officers

IAMR invited me to orient government officers from Jammu and Kashmir on community life competence and SALT. There were 22 officers, young group. It was last day of their five day training and they were to leave in the evening. 

We spent the beautiful morning discussing what makes us human. Out came many virtues, values, emotions, the sharing was deep. We are in no hurry for the tea break, they said! We shared stories and identified strengths in each other.…


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Women realized their strengths, took action

Here I want to tell you a story, a story of women who were quiet and shy. What happened that they turned champions of the community? This is an example of  what we call in the Constellation a 'local response'. 

India competence trained the CARE EMPHASIS team in Mumbai who applied Community life competence on the issue of HIV with the migrant community for past 10 months.  Care team informed us that before community life competence process, a Self help group (SHG) of women in Bangla…


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Community devises its strategy on Transfer

In development sector, we talk about going to scale. Can the NGOs do this on their own with limited funding and small staff? What if the community takes on the responsibility to share their vision, strategies and actions on issues they have taken action? What would happen? Here is an example from Mumbai area in India where the Constellation team, India competence, facilitated community life competence a strength-based approach with migrant communities on the issue of  HIV. Some interesting…


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Do we 'ever' learn?

I was fortunate to attend a session by Chris Collison, Knowledge Management specialist on learning.  He was one of the speakers at Africa Evaluation Association Conference  held recently in Yaounde, Cameroon. Here are some of the points Chris shared:

Individual learning happens naturally. When we move from individual learning to group of people learning collectively there is a big leak. Learning does not spread naturally from person to person. Moreover, learning decays over time when…


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HIV testing begins to rise after CLC: M&E officer

Brief English translation

In this video, Yamuna Nayak, M&E officer CARE EMPHASIS project, Mumbai shares her experience of community life competence (CLC). India competence has been working with her team on community engagement in this project on cross-border migration and HIV.

Pre CLC scenario- Our team…


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CLC fosters ownership on HIV among women migrants

Here is a brief translation in English- 

Sanskruti Desais is project coordinator of Bangla speaking community under the Care India EMPHASIS project in Mumbai on cross-migration and HIV. In this video she elaborates on how after application of community life competence with Bangla speaking migrant women, the ownership on the issue of HIV has risen. She…


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From interventionist to facilitative, strength-based approach

CARE EMPHASIS team works on issue of cross-border migration and HIV.  For last few years the team in  Mumbai has been working in destination for Nepali and Bangla speaking migrant community. The work includes providing information on HIV, outreach, infotainment etc. However engaging the community in HIV response was a challenge. 

Here is what happened…

Scenario in April 2013

CARE invited us (India competence) in April 2013 to introduce community life competence to…


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We brought together communities through Skype

India competence is a group of people and organisations in India who believe in strength-based approaches like Community life competence. We meet on skype everymonth. But in Feb 2013 we decided to facilitate conversation between communities from two States in India- Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It was exciting for Anthony, Prabakar and me to join in with communities on Skype. We decided that let funds not stop an interaction between us and communities. Here are the minutes and after…


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A taste of SALT and M&E

Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR), a government institute, Delhi, India invited me to facilitate a session on strength-based approach and evaluation. IAMR is conducting a three month course on Monitoring and Evaluation for international students.

Strength-based approaches believe that in every environment there are individuals,…


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Uncle Huolai encourages leaders to think again

I have an experience to share from Molvum village, Nagaland where the involvement of local leaders has increased leading to concrete action on HIV issues. The story was shared by Jacinta, I noted it and Geoff Parcell edited. Thanks to Jacinta and Geoff!



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Dream: India competence in 2020

Here is the dream from India competence Skype meeting held on  19th January 2012

Participants: Anthony, Indumathi, M L Prabakar, Mukesh Bhachawat, Prabhakar Sinha, Vicky, Rituu B  Nanda

Could not join due to connectivity and other issues- Bobby Ramakant,…


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I learned to come first…

I was in grade XII…My favourite subject was ‘Public administration and Management’.  I was the teacher’s pet and wanted to excel the subject.


For me mastering the subject meant that I gave my best and stood first in the class. However, I had no rivalry with others and always compared myself with my own performance in the  examination. I always topped but what happened in Class XII examination had a deep impact on me. I found that I had stood second in the class. I was…


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Care sustains when funding ends

Caring presence that motivates expanding change Glocon->Tondo, Manila, Philippines, 3-7 September 2012


 “I felt that the next generation may do more than we can do”--Fely…


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Global Learning Festival: my story

August 2011- Chiangmai, Thailand...Constellation’s Global Support team meeting is on, mid morning...with Jean Louis, Marlou, Gaston, Phil, Laurence We have faced the economic recession, are a bit low. As we discuss the coming year I spring an idea... I wish to meet all the Constellation friends face-to-face... how much energy it will give us. I almost took back my words...was it a far-fetched idea? When I saw everyone’s faces lit up...I knew we could nourish this dream. That is how…


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Day one of the Global Learning Festival


We discussed how facilitators from diffferent approaches facilitate and encourage communtiies to take action on issues of their concern and how community life competence approach can learn from others experiences and improve on it. 130 people shared in 10 different languages.


The highlight for me was when a private sector participant said- I had forgotten that I was a human being in corporate settings…


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Inviting you to be a “Virtual Participan​t”/Invitation à être un “participant virtuel”

Constellation with SIAAP and India Competence is organising the Global Learning Festival -20th to 24…


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Community organises its own International Conference

We are happy to be here at Kolkata, hosted by Durbar Mahila Samanvaya Committee (DMSC). However, we wanted to be in Washington but we were not allowed because sex workers are considered criminals” This was what I heard over and over again at the International AIDS Conference Hub held at Kolkata, India.

This was my debut at an International AIDS conference. I was happy that I was at this Festival for what it signified. Every two years, an International AIDS Conference takes…


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Global and Local Community Conversation (Glocon): Ukraine

Glocon- A revelation of local movement through dialogue; facilitated connection; happening in many countries; a global and local community conversation which explores strengths for response to HIV and critical concerna. The Glocon team was in Ukraine from June 16th-22nd, 2012. In Ukraine, HIV is a serious concern –of note currently is the vulnerability of the large…


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Our HIGH moment during Constellation's Learning event

[ Under the Youth-IN Programme Constellation with UNDP Barbados and OECS facilitated a learning event to provide a space for Caribbean Youth Think Tank (YTT) members to get to know each other on a human level, appreciate existing strengths, build a dream, self-assess where they currently are with regard to the dream, develop strategic plan for 2012-2013 and commit to it.  At the conclusion of the face to face meeting, the YTT members were formally endorsed and the YTT officially…


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Designing LGBTI Sensitive DRR & Relief Programmes

This was the first cross-posting of Constellation with UNDP's  Solution Exchange India and Bhutan and India Civil Society. The consolidated reply of the responses was compiled by G. Padmanabhan and Mamta Katwal, Resource Persons, Nupur Arora, Research Associate, and Rituu B. Nanda, Share Facilitator, Constellation with additional support from Sarah Figge Hussain, Solution Exchange…


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