SALT visits: response, challenges & results

Lalit Sharma is  working with Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) for healthrise program supported by ABT associates and funded by Medtronic philanthropy.Through SALT and CLCP, the programs is  trying to motivate patients to respond to hypertension and diabetes. He has written his experience in facilitating SALT visits in CLCP in Patient Support Group in village- Bhandimagri, Girwa Block. He did SALT visits with patients and stakeholders.)

What was the response of the people we met?

People said that no one has ever done this kind of conversation with us. You gave time and listened to what we said, appreciated, we enjoyed sharing our experience. Some found the SALT conversation strange. They asked what will you do with this kind of information.

We began to develop good relation with the people we met. They also shared the causes of their medical condition. They said that they enjoyed sharing their experience. Some said that they are well and they do not want to come for the meeting. Some said that whenever you do the meeting we are ready. We will get others in the meeting. These people were getting what we were trying to do.

What worked? We gave them time we listened to them deeply which helped build a close connection with them. We shared that like them we too are facing several problems. We appreciated their good points which was the main reason for building a close connection with the villagers.

What were the challenges in facilitating SALT visits? When we were asking the questions during SALT, people were wondering what we were asking them and what was the use of asking these questions. When we explained to them in detail, they asekd us what are you writing. It was difficult to get them into small groups. Why are you putting us in small groups? We do not have any problem. You get money, what do we get. We have to go and work. We are uneducated and we do not know what you are writing.

Result of SALT visits
People agreed to come for the meeting; People themselves fixed the day of the meeting; Established deep connection with people; Now they began to understand us and we began to understand them
People started taking medicine on time
They said that they will make others aware about the diseases and will take them for health checkup. One patient agreed to host the PSG meeting and took the responsibility of inviting others in the village.In SALT visit to another patient, patient’s husband came with us.

Our facilitation improved!

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Comment by Phil on August 24, 2018 at 1:28pm


I am always amazed by the way in which people see the world differently. Some see the message very easily and wonder why we are spending so much time over it. Others either don't see it or don't want to see it. I don't know if I have ever heard the phrase, "I am too busy to think" but it describes many of us. But it is clear that people did hear your message. Well done. 



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