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Rituu B. Nanda's Blog (141)

Are you a farmer?

We enter a spic and span house of a couple who are organic farmers. My colleague Vikrant​ from Avani has been having SALT conversations with the ​male farmer, Mr Sanjay Chavan from Village Kandgaon, Maharashtra. The farmer has also contributed to the village's dream during this process which included a dialogue with village adolescents and children on organic farming.

When we asked him about the good things he has…


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To co-create, distribute facilitation & connect

In May 2023, Global Fund for Children partners came together to share and learn, most of them had never met each other. The theme of the event was Community ownership and participatory MEL. Out of the 5 NGOs, four NGOs have used  SALT and CLCP and participatory MEL. The event was hosted by NGO Avani in Kolhapur. 
Who facilitates? who…

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Down the memory lane- learning Festivals & Knowledge Fairs

Philip Forth describes, "A Knowledge Fair is an event is which people come together to learn and to share based on their experiences. The guiding principle is that all of have something to learn and that all of us have something to share. There are no experts."

I have been part of several learning festivals and Knowledge Fairs. I wrote a blog/compiled photos after almost all the events. 

Nov 2010, Karnataka, India  mentored by Lawan…

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Why does it take time to adopt SALT?

Rural Aid works with Tea Garden communities in West Bengal and started using SALT more than a year ago. I asked the wonderful team the reason why those working with communities take so much time to understand and use SALT. Here is what they said- Very powerful and clear. Thank you Rural Aid team!



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We needed outsiders to come & ask us our dream!

Kandgaon village builds its common dream for children & youth

Avani Team conducted several SALT conversations in the past few months in Village Kandgaon, Maharashtra, India. the project is supported by Global Fund for children.

On 4th April, the team invited the local elected leader, a female…


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Village celebrates improvement in immunisation and use of water filters

This was shared by SALT facilitator, Baharul Islam, from C-NES, Assam on 28/12/2018

Re-self assessment of their dream by community group from Kerkhabari village of Bongaigaon district, Assam where it was seen that they were able to reach the target planned during the first phase of SALT intervention from…


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School Management committee responds to contaminated drinking water

The project with behaviour change approach rooted in community ownership took place in 2 phases between April 2017 and Feb 2020.A story from Village Kanara, Bongaigaon district which was carried out by Centre of North East Studies and Policy Research (C-NES) …


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We were trying to teach so much to the people who already know

( Cho Naga for Foundation, Cameroon is a part of Constellation’s Go Girl multi-country project since April 2021 on engaging communities particularly girls in prevention of teenage pregnancies. Read more about the project )

Doreen Bieri's team works…


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The worst thing you can do is give a sense of dependency

Sir Ratan Tata, shares his insights on the way forward with communities in India. Hearing him I could not help feel that this is what the world needs, not only India. I took some notes. Watch the video from 4:02 mins- 3 mins of your time!

1. The worst thing you can do to a country is to give everyone a sense of dependency on an outside force. You have to create sustainability that is…


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Igniting the dreams of children

At  Global Fund for Children. we have introduced Constellation’s SALT and community life competence process (CLCP) to some NGO partners in India. SALT helps the NGO staff to step back and create space for the children, youth and community to carve their own path based on their strengths. Recently I visited to learn from the communities of two NGOs – Avani (Maharashtra State) and Rural Aid (West Bengal state)

Weaving the common dream- Outsiders tend to offer project…


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Shared organisation dream- a driving force for the staff

In my role at Global Fund for Children, I am fortunate to work  with NGO Avani. I facilitated Community life competence process (CLCP) at organizational level with some members of Avani team- deeply listening to them and learning about their individual and organizational strengths and gifts they have. When I facilitated a common dream with them, the dream was in the form of text, drawing and song. …


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Villagers keep their village clean and safe

A sunny,  winter morning in Dec 2021... a tiny, remote village which I visited with the Faith Foundation team. Umsawriang Village is inhabited primarily by Khasis, an indigenous community, in Ri Bhoi District, rural Meghalaya (India).  

We met the…

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Fr Joe: there will never be another like you

Kumta, a remote place in Karnataka... my first exposure to SALT during a learning event. There were a few sessions where the facilitator asked us to sit together as staff from organizations. As I had come alone, facilitator suggested I sit with  Fr Joe who was the lone one from his organization People in Need Foundation. He was my dad's generation but was soon to become my teammate and guide in the SALT journey. As our lives intersected…

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We uplift each other: Self-help groups teach us 'no one left behind'

SDGs have this clarion call - 'no one left behind' and so far what I have seen is that it has been limited to NGOs or organisations or local government structures which are expected to leave no one behind.
Meeting with Self-help group (SHG) members from four villages in Ribhoi district of Meghalya gave me powerful insights. On…

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Sew We Can

At the marketplace in the Global Learning Fest, Beyond Social Services shared about their 'Sew We Can' initiative. This is an example of CLCP and SALT in Singapore.

Challenge due to the lockdown during the pandemic

Before the pandemic, Beyond had been supporting a group of women to earn through baking products. As women lost their livelihood after the pandemic, 'Sew can we' initiative was born and example of adapting…


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20,000 'red' bricks in one month

During the Global Learning Festival- day two i.e. 2nd Oct, we went live with a youth group in Eastern Kenya- Aun, Autry, Bhakynti, Bono, Joseph, Ornella, Sylvereen, Wiwin, Widah and Rituu

How the group was set up

The local church and SALT facilitators encouraged setting up of a village youth group. This consists of young boys and girls and also some children.What motivates them is the needs of the community. For instance during the COVID-19 pandemic they…


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Thai community response to COVID-19 ensured that no is one left behind

We met on Zoom during the Global learning Festival on 1st Oct'21 and watched the video of Thai community response to COVID-19- Loli, Rafique, Swathi, Usman, Widad,and Rituu. 

Experience_EN from As You Open Your Eyes on…


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I trust you

In Jan-Feb'21- Ramaiah International Centre for Public Health Innovations (RICPHI) evaluation for our project was out and Constellation team was planning a webinar on the project. The HealthRise Transition grant funded by Medtronic Foundation and implemented jointly by MAMTA- Health Institute for Mother and Child, Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), in which the Constellation, worked toward reducing premature mortality associated with NCDs through SALT and Community…


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Everyone has worth

I am very upset that I am writing this as I have suffered a major loss with passing away of Dr Jana, one of my mentors.

When at UNAIDS, I had exchanged emails with him. I left UNAIDS. First of my assignments happen to be the IDRC project on documentation and advocacy by sex workers with Dr Veronica Magar. This 2 year project was with DMSC and WNU when I  got to collaborate with DMSC team of Paramita, Santanu, Mitra di, Samaita and others. I went on to…


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