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Register with UNAIDS :Mapping of Youth Organizations / Networks in India

UN AIDS is mapping the youth networks and organizations in India , which an step towards the framing of New Generation Leadership Strategy of UN AIDS.

We need your support to map the Youth Organizations / Networks / Clubs which are in…


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Effective aid: A matter of faith?

The “beast” had eaten all of the chickens.

That is why the income-generating activity undertaken by this small group in Malawi had not yet seen any profit, they explained. This is also why the group wanted to abandon chicken-rearing in favor of installing a paraffin pump, something that would require much less upkeep, inputs, and security.

What would it take for you to fund this youthful, energetic, but inexperienced group again?

A little faith? Or a lot for that…


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PBS Documentary on Aid Shines a Light (and wins an Emmy!)

Congratulations to all folks associated with the PBS film, Good Fortune, who last night won a News & Documentary Emmy Award! A well-deserved recognition, this is a must-see film for anyone concerned with aid effectiveness.


Good Fortune is (as of last night) an Emmy-winning PBS documentary that is a provocative exploration of how massive international efforts to alleviate…


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Take Action to Support Haitians Facing Forced Evictions from Tent Camps

For a year and a half, Haitians, under the scarce protection of makeshift plastic shelter, have battled storms and sun, physical assault and food insecurity. Moreover, they’ve had to fight for their shelter itself – for the right to remain in the camps they’ve been obliged…

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My participation in ICAAP10, Busan

Last month I had an opportunity to attend the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10)  in Busan, Korea,  where several of our ACP/CLCP coaches and facilitators from different countries also attended.  Together we set up the Constellation booth to show off posters from several  Competence teams in Asia and distributed brochures and hand-outs.  I am attaching my summary report of my participation in the event including lessons learned turned into…


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The human touch in a care home

Chiangmai 31st July 2011…

Jean Louis and I join the facilitation team late for a SALT visit. Making our way through a light drizzle, we enter a huge room where we find a group of children with a man in his thirties. He is Pod who heads a non-profit organisation called ‘The volunteers for Children Foundation’. This is a care home…


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Meeting Michael Gottlieb MD

Sunday,the 24th September 2011-  Los Angeles:

I am thrilled to meet Michael Gottlieb the physician who discovered and highlight AIDS today at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Dr. Gottlieb is the trustee of GAIA - Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance working with AIDS in Malawi. The evening was a treat as GAIA founder and members interact with the invitees and soon after the reception a under the cool, clear night sky the program started and it was a recollection of AIDS…


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Community Life Competence 3

Today was presented the opportunity for the participants to practice their SALTiness; their ability to apply the process to a community. The group was divided into two groups to work with the two communities that came today for the sessions. there were the parents' group from Youth Challenge Guyana and the HIV peer educators from the Guyana Defence force. 


I had the opportunity to sit in with the group working with the peer educators from the army and my impression is that…


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The challenges that impede good work are found within ourselves.

“My daughter is quite rebellious. Maybe you can speak to her.”  This mother then called out to her daughter who was in the  room to meet us. We were in the neighbourhood  persuading residents to  help out with programmes for children who lived in the area.  Upon gaining an understanding of Beyond’s work, she thought that her daughter could benefit from our programmes too. “Aiyah mom, I know these Beyond people!” the 18 year old blurted when  she came out of the room. We could not recognise…


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Facilitators, Community Life Competence Training Guyana...

Colleen McEwan…


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SALT goes to school

hai ...

Here are some activities that we had done for couple months ago. When I heard SALT for the first time from my lecture Mrs. Wiwin, I was interested to bring it to my school, so asked her to come to my school. Then after we had permission from our principal, we held it.


Our School name is Babussalam Boarding School. We held it, for the senior high and also the junior high students.  We shared about their knowledge in Teenagers Health. Many students didn't know…


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Community Life Competence Training 2

I was so excited to see what today would turn out to be. After having so much fun yesterday i was anxious to experience learning in a fun-filled, laughter filled environment. I admit, i feel the love in the room with all the participants being fully involved in the process.

I liked that most participants turned up on time. I could feel the enthusiams in the room, after yesterday people wanted to have more. This is a good thing, we should always have people wanting more, not because we…


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Community Life Competence Training Guyana... day 1

Today saw the beginning of the another Community Life Competence (CLC) training in Guyana. it brought back memories of my training in February of last year. I remember trying to have an open mind yet curious to know what the training was all about. From listening to participants expectation I could have sensed that a lot of them felt the same way i would have felt on the first day of my training. 

As participants came in today, signed registration sheet, collected their training…


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Teenagers reproduction Health..Rajawali's Junior High school Bandung- West Java

this program helped us ...All my students try to make up their mind and concern about their health.. SALT approaches is the gate for them to avoid their anxiety social disorder


a bundle of thanks for Rituu,,, Mrs.Wiwin Winarni and my best fellow Venty Susanty... and all of u.


SALT Approaches applies continually .Rajawali's Junior High School makes SALT into two terms and tied each other.

we do SALT from the simple thing such kind of health social life…


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Waiting for Pennies from Heaven

In honor of this week's Clinton Global Initiative's Annual Meeting, I'm reposting this from early October last year. The issues remain the same; the fundraising resources for local organizations still needed.

“Is a trickle of that money ever going to reach us?”

Sharing a…


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The Joy of Aid Work

My friend recently shared this status update on Facebook. Her description of the joy of aid work resonated with me as I thought it would with readers of

Kirsten Weeks [in Zambia] “realizes that I am happiest on days like today that start with a 6am departure to the airport, visits to a cotton gin, talks with small holder farmers, focus groups at ART clinics with potential problem solving to address nutrition issues, long car rides through rural villages and…

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She believed in her strengths….and continues to inspire many in spite of the worst tragedy of her life…..

Padmavathy is working as a Manager-Capacity Building in CARE-SAKSHAM team for the past six years. SAKSHAM project works with Community Based Organizations of female sex workers in Andhra Pradesh. During these six years she created many leaders through her art of ‘Appreciating’ the community and helping them believe in their ‘strengths’ to deal with their problems. Many community leaders owe their gratitude for Padmavathy for inspiring them to become great leaders through her…


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 I recently visited with a youth gathering; before the session begun one youth leader passed on a message to another, Leader 11 responded in quite a hostile manner and this spurred some negative response from others.  Through stimulating a discussion with leader 11 she has concerns.  Her problems stemmed from her childhood

Her story:  Her father died, her mother migrated for betterment for her and other siblings. She was 13 years old. She was impregnated by her uncle.  Went…


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CAD Event

hi every one ...

I will inform you about our CAD in Bandung , West Java Indonesia. we held it on Sept, 18th 2011. it was consist of 38 members students from different universities. There many things that could we share on its. such as there are 8 key words that made us on fire. they are : Smile, Cheersfull, Spirit, Visioner, Silent, Adventure, extrovert, Humorist. These…


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Since 2007, CHED Team had a DREAM. The Team main collective DREAM was about CHED Condifentially for happy Military Families, Happy communities and CHED Team are connected at an equality of level to educate and sharing our experiences. On 30 August, 2011 CHED had received a certificate of appreciation from FHI360 in recognition of outstanding accomplishment and contribution to implement of the Smilinf Family Program (SFP)-an HIV/AIDS/RH and other health intervention with funding support from…


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