I recently visited with a youth gathering; before the session begun one youth leader passed on a message to another, Leader 11 responded in quite a hostile manner and this spurred some negative response from others.  Through stimulating a discussion with leader 11 she has concerns.  Her problems stemmed from her childhood

Her story:  Her father died, her mother migrated for betterment for her and other siblings. She was 13 years old. She was impregnated by her uncle.  Went to court; stop attending to find a job to take care of her siblings and her new born child. She also dropped out of school. She got married; have a 'nice home' but He was a means to an end, she does not love him.  She has seen her siblings through school.  . She is an unhappy person trying to build a better life in terms of education and skills training. We will be meeting to discuss the Way of Thinking and Working through this.

SALT can be added anywhere.  Just recognise the need and apply it. 

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Comment by Paula Sampson on October 2, 2011 at 4:44am

SALTy, I am indeed grateful for the team that made and has kept me salty.  Daily situations of others are presented to us and it is at those moments that we reflect on the question, 'Are we human?'  i was working with a Adolescent mothers session when I noticed one of them who joined us for the first time, quiet and her head bowed.  It seems as though she was in pain but as I spoke to her the pain was deeper..... She is 14 years old, seven months pregnant, foster father does not want her in the home, baby's father is in doubt of the pregnancy, she has no skill.  Fortunately, the baby's father offered her shelter.  During her SHARING she said she was contemplating suicide.  I spent for the most of one hour showing her APPRECIATION for her situation and TRANSFERRING HOPE.  

She is doing better.  Do not allow any letter drop from SALT.

Comment by John Mutua on September 29, 2011 at 4:00pm

It was a beautiful moment as I stood in a circle with like 100 children in Bunjisu Primary School in Uganda. Moments earlier we had spent time with teachers, and members of the Nangirima facilitation team reflecting on we belief about children, and among the reflections from discussions were, they are open to learning, they love games, they are agents of change and they can influence others. As I went in the middle of the circle games flowed in my mind and playing them we did. As we came to the end of the games,a girl approached me and said 'hallo do you know Philiph Ali' I replied know and she continued 'He is my father and stays in Mumias in Kenya,my mother died and he married another woman who was mistreating me so I came to stay with my grandfather. And as she ended she said,please can I bring my books and you can see how I perform to which I accepted. After spenting more like 30 minutes with her and the books we parted and she promised to work hard in school. I reflected 'this child opened to me and shared her life with me. Communities can open and share their deep things if we pracice what we belief. They can share their success stories and act together for a better community. 


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