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Register with UNAIDS :Mapping of Youth Organizations / Networks in India

UN AIDS is mapping the youth networks and organizations in India , which an step towards the framing of New Generation Leadership Strategy of UN AIDS.

We need your support to map the Youth Organizations / Networks / Clubs which are in active in their respective fields whether it be human rights, sports, cultural, activist, social work etc.

This is a brief about the NGL and the role of organization which we will be mapping through this process. UNAIDS is developing a New Generation Leadership strategy through a fully inclusive

and participatory process with young people. The aim is to ensure that knowledge and creative input from young people are captured to make sure the NGL strategy ‘fits’ the needs of young people.

The strategy will be developed both through offline consultations and the use of online crowd sourcing technologies, inviting young people from all around the world to participate. 

To ensure that as many young people as possible both within and outside the AIDS response have a chance to engage with this process, UNAIDS will develop a strategic outreach plan.


For this purpose, UNAIDS is trying to identify a diverse range of organizations and networks in 15 priority countries and 5 key donor countries and  India  is one of the 15 priority countries.


For Registration : the organization has to visit  this link : http: // to provide some basic information about the organization .

This is a very quick of process.  

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