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Listening with filters

This note is based on an article and a podcast by Malcolm Gladwell. I will give the links at the end of the posting. 

In the article and podcast, Gladwell asserts that when we listen we filter what we hear through our own biases. He tells the story of Konrad Kellen who is seen by Gladwell as having the gift of listening without filters. It is a fascinating story and I recommend it. The story tells of the disasters that can follow when we listen with filters and I think that he is…


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Time to listen? Time to address our personal barriers

When Time to Listen: Hearing people on the receiving end of international aid came out earlier this year, I was excited to see how many organizations, including my own, were interacting with the multi-year study and its authors. (See previous how-matters.org…


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Touching Lives

I attended S.A.L.T training in May 2013 facilitated by April Foster and Onesmus Mutuku.

I was very much motivated with the model and put it to action.

In June 2013 I facilitated SALT training to 30 church workers and 15 community leaders. The impact is so enormous that almost every member is using SALT and reaching out to people with SALT.

salt such a blessing.

We also started SALT Team in Kisumu. CHGN-Kenya,Western chapter.

Added by MOSES OKOMBO AYANY on July 25, 2013 at 6:17pm — 1 Comment

Deux histoires de changement a Bibanga

Je partage un message de Celestin Mukala, facilitateur en RDC:
1 Aire de Santé de Cibila
                                     D'une manière générale cette Aire de Santé a connu des sérieux problèmes par rapport à la Vaccination.Une resistance menée par la Secte Religieuse cmmunement appelée BABA.Cette dernière  utilisait l'huile végétal pour le tratement de n'importe quelle maladie et s'opposait farouchement à la vaccination de leurs enfants dans leurs…

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Inspired for being re-energized also important for sustainability in SALT

Wednesday July 17, 2013 will remain indelibly with Autry. We initially planned to meet at 6.30 pm Belgian time. At just about 5.45, I intuitively decided to check my email and saw the email Autry, "We are coming, Liza will be there in a few with an Espa, so if you come outside, she will meet you." Well, if you know me well, I am not usually an anxious person but anxiety got the better of me here. The good thing I had just had a bath in preparation for 6.30 but I am usually always ready and…


Added by Autry Haynes on July 20, 2013 at 12:24am — 3 Comments

Something "knowing thyself" requires

When emotional intelligence is missing in a leader, everyone knows it. Ian Thorpe on KM on a dollar a day yesterday discussed the elements of this and the challenges in developing one's self-awareness in aid work, a subject near and dear to this blog as well.

He describes it as, "recognizing and understanding who you are and…


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Mahayahay Sogod,Southern Leyte Philippines CLCP

The Mahayahay Sogod, Southern Leyte Sojourn with CLCP


….and so they came……the women….the farmers…..the fisher folks…the students..the out of school youths, the senior citizen (the elderly) and the barangay council….all with question in their eyes….and yet all of them wearing beautiful smiles on their faces!

Their local facilitator told them they are invited to dream….I hear one of them say…..”I dream only when I am asleep! When I wake…


Added by Gerlita Condino-Enrera on July 8, 2013 at 6:30am — 3 Comments

Videos of progress on child survival in DR-Congo

Des vidéos de max 2 min sur des progrès des communautés :

  • Accompagnement des femmes enceintes:

  • Inclure les réfracteurs dans l’équipe de facilitation:…

Added by Gaston on July 6, 2013 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

Our Experiences through Knowing about the problems towards youth.

In 5 years of experienced we learned a lot of thing, trials and challenges. In 1st two years we manage to enhance KABATAANG DIYUNA COMPREHENSIVE YOUTH ORGANIZATION by means of experimentation. Learning the behavior of individualism and traditions in order to create centralize attitude towards them. In which we discover the statistics of problems towards youth in where it is rooted.

1st problems come from home through their parents. Because…


Added by Kabataang Diyuna on July 5, 2013 at 11:54am — 1 Comment

Causeries éducatives sur le lavage des mains dans l’église méthodiste/ Educational talks on handwashing in the Methodist Church

L’église méthodiste compte 300 membres. Avec le soutien des facilitateurs, ils ont construit leur rêve et ils ont fait leur auto-évaluation et plan d’action. Ils ont choisi le lavage des mains comme pratique prioritaire. « Avant, on se lavait tous les mains dans une même assiette. » disait une maman de l’église. « On ne savait pas que les maladies se transmettaient comme…


Added by Laurence Gilliot on July 4, 2013 at 3:00pm — 4 Comments

Des légumes qui sauvent des vies – Eglise Piscine de Belsetha

En novembre 2012, l’église « Piscine de Belsetha » a construit son rêve avec l’aide des facilitateurs. L'église se trouve à Fungurume, au Katanga, ville au centre des activités minières du cuivre. Elle a choisi comme priorité la vaccination complète des enfants et des mamans. Lors de son autoévaluation, elle a choisi les sous-pratiques de reconnaissance et acceptation,…


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Les seaux réputés du centre de santé de Neema

A Fungurume, dans le quartier Lukeka, se trouve le centre de santé Neema. Parmi les 13 membres du personnel de Neema, 2 personnes sont facilitatrices de l’approche SALT. Elles ont invité l’équipe de facilitation à introduire le processus dans le centre.

Les membres de Neema ont construit leur rêve et ils ont choisi de travailler en priorité sur la pratique du lavage…


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What a trip in deep rural Congo!

Monday evening, Mbuji-Mayi, the provincial capital of Kasai Oriental, a central province in the vast country of DR-Congo. Once the diamond capital of the world, Mbuji-Mayi is now home to one of the most rapidly growing SALT support and facilitation teams in the world.

I sit in a modest hotel room reflecting back on the last 5 days which were absolutely REMARKABLE. Together with a coach from RDCCompetence, Junior Kalonji, we came to support the ‘equipe de soutien’ in a health zone…


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