Inspired for being re-energized also important for sustainability in SALT

Wednesday July 17, 2013 will remain indelibly with Autry. We initially planned to meet at 6.30 pm Belgian time. At just about 5.45, I intuitively decided to check my email and saw the email Autry, "We are coming, Liza will be there in a few with an Espa, so if you come outside, she will meet you." Well, if you know me well, I am not usually an anxious person but anxiety got the better of me here. The good thing I had just had a bath in preparation for 6.30 but I am usually always ready and ready I was in this instance. As soon as I went through the hotel door a motorbike with a female rider turned the corner, "Are you Autry?" My journey of being energized by Belcompetence began. Everything was a level 5 engagement, it happened naturally. It was as if I know personally Nathalie, Mary, Liza, Claude, Erik, AlianChristine. 

Photo: compliments of Claude

Just over 2hrs with juicy SALT conversation was enough to re-energize each of us. It happened with the understanding that as CLCP Facilitators having shared SALT in our communities' engagement, there were need for opportunities for being re-energized. This was such an opportunity. Of course as SALT Facilitators the discussion centered on that. We also did two exercises, hopes and concern and "Paper Pull." Me and the work being done with indigenous communities were the focus and keen interest was shown by ALL. It was heart warming to learn that the honourable Jean-Louis  called to contribute his energy to the process. With snacks and beverage, we truly parted company bouncing with energy (^_^). Thanks to Marlou and Rituu who also made contributions.


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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on July 20, 2013 at 5:44pm

In this journey, being in touch with other SALT facilitators is very critical for inspiration, energy and learning. I am happy to see Guyana and Belgium team mates connecting. Cheers!

Comment by Gaston on July 20, 2013 at 12:16pm

That's great Autry. Lovely to see you connect. That's what it's all about: Connect and learn. 

Comment by Tricia Francis on July 20, 2013 at 7:56am

i enjoyed reading your post Autry :-)


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