Mr. Ovid Williams,  member of Guyana Competence for years now, although he was not trained in clcp, always had a heart for SALT.

In his new assignment with the Multi Stakeholder Dialogue (MSD) process he recognized the opportunity to apply SALT in his work. The MSD is the key strategy to satisfy the objectives of the Chainsaw Milling project (2007-2015). The objectives are to: reduce poverty and promote viable livelihoods in forest dependent communities; reduce the occurrence of illegal logging; and promote forest conservation and sustainable management. The MSD, itself aims to bring relevant stakeholders or those who have a ‘stake’ in a given issue or decision, into contact with one another. There were delays in the implementation process. It was Ovid’s desire to introduce SALT in the dialogue process. The specific focus currently is to identify concerns and ascertains plans for moving forward related to nine recommendations developed from previous phases. In our discourse we thought of tools such as hopes and concerns; developing team spirit; envisioning and self-assessment. During two community visits Ovid attempted hopes and concerns as well as developing team spirit. For the team spirit exercise he caused the members of the communities to be engaged in fitting up a jig-saw puzzle. He placed the participants into groups and asked them to fix the puzzle. He, then encourage a discussion on what worked for them to finish in a timely manner. The general consensus was cooperation and working as a team. The next discussion focused on how the community can benefit from the exercise?

The community Ovid and I visited was his second visit and really wanted to get their concerns about the nine recommendations. The village we visited was an indigenous community, named Orealla meaning ‘Chalk Hill’. It is on the border between Guyana and Suriname. A primarily logging community within the village reservation and an Association (Orealla Loggers’ Association) working on state forest adjoining the village using a State Forest Permit (SFP).

Ten of 15 members of the community forest governance management team participated. As an output from this engagement was an indication of where the community was with respect to the eight of the nine recommendations and what were their thoughts respecting each recommendation? We decided that application of the self-assessment tool would be appropriate. In our planning we decided that members needed a fair understanding of the nine recommendations. We discussed them for some time. After the illustration on the five levels of competence the participants were placed into two groups: OLA and Loggers working on the village’s reservation. They were allotted one hour time to discuss the recommendations and decide which level they were at and why?

Blue: Loggers’ Association;        Red: Reservation group

Recommendations: [1] Appropriate research; [2] Community plan for forest governance; [3] Strengthen Forest Organization; [4] Review existing policy and legal framework; [5] Establish independent arbitration body ; [6] Continuous training programme available; [7] Mechanism for Free Prior and Informed Consent [8] Promote appropriate technologies and techniques

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Comment by Tricia Francis on June 22, 2014 at 4:38am

Ovid has always seen the benefits and impact Community Life Competence Process can create and wanted to incorporate it into his work plan for some time now, I’m glad he has got it on stream and I look forward to reading more of Ovid’s and Autry’s experiences :-)

Comment by Phil on June 13, 2014 at 1:22pm


This is another beautiful example of how Guyana Competence can integrate CLCP into the ongoing work of a community. The Multi Stakeholder Dialogue has produced a dream and it has effectively produced the practices of the Self Assessment. Just slip in those practices to the Self Assessment framework and you are almost ready to start on the Action Plan. I have seen the same approach before from Guyana Competence and I now always look to see if I can explore such possibilities in my own work. 

Thanks to Ovid for the work and to you for reporting it. 



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