Potential strengths revealed in community dream!!!

Improved homes, electricity, transportation, telecommunication with schools, hospital and churches

Moving from where we are now [on the left] to improved housing arrangements with schools and play grounds and culture

People living happily together with excitement and enthusiasm for a better future for our grandchildren.

These three group dreams resulted in a CSO vision within the Village: “People of Kangaruma living happy in unity conscious of their spirituality, with homes in a scheme like arrangements having proper roads with street lights, improved telecommunication, river and land transportation, better health care and accessible education to the secondary school level.”

CSO means Community Support Officers. CSOs were appointed from the village of Kangaruma, an indigenous community of 284 residents in the village. I recently visited the village for the purpose was to engage the village council and other residents in Community Social Responsibility as a pilot to demonstrate use of solar electricity as an entry point for stimulating a different way of thinking and Way of Working toward taking ownership and responsibility for  community enhancement.

Village leaders, of the Village Council that intimated that there was need to stimulate the CSOs as to their responsibilities and doing supportive work with the Village Council, something that was intended since September 2013. In a sense the Village Council was determined for something so we allocated 4.30pm meaning that  we had only one hour and a half before nite fall. We did it!!! The focus was SUPPORT in the context of the responsibilities of the Village Council and where the CSOs could provide their support. We did what it means for team working, hopes and concern, then focused of dream building, "If you were to have resolved all your concerns and achieve all your hopes what would would your village be like?" The CSOs vision is the output.

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Comment by ABEDNEGO KITHEKA MUTUNGWA on July 26, 2014 at 6:51pm

Autryi like the way you put it, the picture  communicate more than words  ,stimulating people to see their strengths and and supporting them to have shared dream ,it reminds the many times i have found excited in home visits when  a family  is supported to see their strengths and come up with shared action that are resolution to achieve a shared dream

Comment by Autry Haynes on July 25, 2014 at 6:24am

Thanks Cindy and Rituu. The eventual revealing of thoughts and mind to derive the group dreams and community vision started with some strengths of the body of ten young people wanting to support their village council. Even though the activity can be considered a last minute activity, they displayed willingness and eagerness to participate, responded willingly to the different exercises such as "hopes and concerns." They within a short period of time did individual dream and participated with enthusiasm to the group dream building exercise. As noted in the write-up we started just about 4.30pm which meant that night would have been on us by 6pm in this part of the world. There was not the luxury of electricity in the community benab where we worked. The group dreams revealed their innate thoughts of what they wanted for their village when all concerns are addressed and hopes accomplished. While we discern that there were similarity in their thinking, it was their desire for wanting a different type of community in the future and with a joyous heart responded positively to the facilitation process and with "community conversation" revealed that desire. Now the body of ten understand that all along they had the same burning desire for the same betterment of the village. They can now give the type of support to the village council with a good conscience that they agreed to. An example of local response. 

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on July 23, 2014 at 7:45pm

Thanks Autry for this post, photos are so energizing. How did dream building reveal strengths? Warm greetings!

Comment by Cindy-Lee Harper on July 22, 2014 at 6:00am

It is amazing when community members are asked what the future could look like, without fossil fuels, without dependance on outside resources, how much hope there is. What does this say about the communities we develop?


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