Our Experiences through Knowing about the problems towards youth.

In 5 years of experienced we learned a lot of thing, trials and challenges. In 1st two years we manage to enhance KABATAANG DIYUNA COMPREHENSIVE YOUTH ORGANIZATION by means of experimentation. Learning the behavior of individualism and traditions in order to create centralize attitude towards them. In which we discover the statistics of problems towards youth in where it is rooted.

1st problems come from home through their parents. Because Philippines are composed of a 99% poverty rate country, it wounds our heart when a certain parent says “your organization is changing youth’s attitude. What can it do to take us out from poverty . . .?  NO! Our son/daughter will work to help us out of this misery or go abroad to help us live a richer life.” Point is this youth instead of helping their self to a preparation for their future they will look back and someday realized that when future comes they will be the same as their parent inherits poverty. This parental attitude makes the youth stop and resorting to an early labor, juvenile delinquency, prohibited drug addiction and prostitution.

Some organizations are working to cure these problems of the youth.

 But we at KABATAANG DIYUNA COMPREHENSIVE YOUTH ORGANIZATION we are trained and searching for the root cause of the problem 1st then prevent it because prevention is better than cure.

2nd problem comes from Superiority; youth are looking up to the superiority of their parents, teacher, older siblings and other people older than them. This behavior shows  that youth are thirst of unity that drives them to go with friend’s, Barkada’s, group of youth but more of these youth affiliates their selves to a certain group of youth are a wrong kind of youth groups like Gangs, rubbers, doing delinquency, prostitutions or Drug addicts.

These two problems are just some of the problems we are working out to fight for and making techniques theoretically and practically to pull out the youth to these problems, because we know all the youth are victims, they are the Future of our Nation but a victim of today. 

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on July 6, 2013 at 11:30pm

Thanks. How do you engage communities in this process?


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